Australia at Risk of Sri Lankan Chaos & Revolution!

This past weekend, the world witnessed Chaos and Revolution in Sri Lanka with the storming of Sri Lanka’s Presidential Palace.

The Sri Lankan economy has collapse and this has resulted in societial chaos and a political revolution with the Sri Lankan president fleeing the country.

Why did it happen? How is this relevant for Australia?

The lessons for Australia are very real and Adams and North will come back to Australia’s foreign debt problems in the coming months.

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  1. The parasites at the WEF are saying to the world "Burn, baby. Burn!" and it is starting to happen. It is time to tell the WEF and their minions "You're fired!"

  2. Governments the World over are not now considering how they can help their people through these struggles, but how they can defend themselves from their people when they screw them over.

  3. Hi, 🧨

    A Gov. Housing, studio app. in Syd.2017 Jan 2022, had a rental "market value" assed to be $375/w. This same property has just been "re-adjusted", to a rental "market value" of $265/w

    What does the NSW Government know ?

  4. So why is the UAPs idea of putting a fee on export licences not a way to fix this then? Then we could rescue ourselves. Or is it a no to this purely because it's an idea for policy that UAP wanted? From what I understand you afflitate with ACP who seem to be pro Labor. Labor who have never been known for getting out of debt but increasing it. And now we have the rising interest rates. Maybe with the UAP export licence fee we could have kept interest rates at 3% for 5 years. NO? Anyway you get what you vote for I guess.

  5. On the other hand, unlike Sri Lanka, Australia is full of natural resources that the world wants and needs: Iron ore, coal, gas, gold, silver, lead, aluminium, uranium, copper, nickel, lithium, wheat, barley, cotton, sugar, beef, lamb, etc. We are one of the few nations on this planet that has the capability to be an autarchy.

  6. Thanks for the video. What you did not cover was the corruption of the government and the Chinese debt trap. Why does any country offer so much debt to a country that can't afford to repay debts? Australia should ask the Sri Lankan government not to harm protesters and crack down now as there will be a huge refugee crisis for Australia.

  7. Australia has some capable Sri Lankan medicos and businesspeople.
    It would not hurt if this type of talent, existing or potential, comes in by the front door.
    Australians like controlled immigration in reasonable numbers.

  8. The military intelligence industrial complex in partnership with their partners from the pharmaceutical industrial complex won't let this happen because they intend to take Australians to the real Armageddon against God in the Bible version of Armageddon, not via some fluffy distractions of an economic collapse.

  9. So we got Foreign debt increasing, Banks Gambling withé Derivatives, High Intérést ratés unt SAŃTÓss Selling us out withé Gas Exposure, Arse-traylia izza Phluxxéd


  10. You know we are living in a crazy country with a Nutty government…when we are told to go green and buy up Wind Turbines and Solar Panels from China..who supply 90% to the world…Yet they are building more Coal fired Power Stations. .we should Follow their Lead…😃😎😎😡😡😕

  11. Australia has a sleeping social problem. Hospitals are breaking, thousands are homeless (fire and floods), inflation is hurting people with their ability to pay for food.

  12. More appropriate title,

    The Corrupt Australian Government is at risk of being tossed by people who are FED UP with their 🐂💩!!!

    It's the same in Canada, the UK and the USA.
    BTW, 6 January was NOT an Insurrection. Had it been, the current administration would NOT have been able to drive this country into the toilet.

  13. I think this is more about human impact on the world ecology. You know international fertilizer prices have almost doubled since the start of the pandemic and there's even less lightning around to fix nitrogen. We've never been more dependant upon industrialised agriculture (ammonia) and energy supply chains (AdBlue). But it’s a risk we all seem to be putting aside in some silo until something like Beirut happens.

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