Australia Deploys Military To Enforce COVID Lockdown, Biden Calls For National Vaccine Mandate

Australia Deploys Military To Enforce COVID Lockdown, Biden Calls For National Vaccine Mandate. Democrats are going long on mask mandates and the CDC is issuing escalating warnings about the Delta Variant.

Some reporting indicates a potential lockdown in the coming two weeks as democrats states are on board with heavier restrictions, though this is not confirmed.

Some residents in Australia are calling this martial law but an official U.S. government definition says martial law is when a military commander assumes control and has authority to create and enforce laws. For now Sydney is under what may be as close to martial law as you can get, suspension of civilian law for special enforcement by the military. Though the PM is still in control.


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Written by Tim Pool

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  1. They are setting the stage for mail in voting. PERIOD. they will aerosol a virus and spread it using airplanes if they need to, to get the ability to commit fraud again. It’s getting about time for ARMED resistance .. if they go down this road one more time… they all need to be arrested and sent to prison

  2. Deployment of military in Sydney not a big deal, 300 troops only, no weapons or checkpoints, or martial law there as manpower only to assist police in following up on COVID hotline reports and checking on infected people in home quarantine. Same thing happened in Melbourne last year

  3. If delta is soooooo much more contagious than we would have climbed to last year's #s by now. Remember the #s, hospitals designated 3/8s of their beds to covid then said they were full when1/2 of the covid beds(3/16 of the beds in ?) were being used

  4. Remember those FEMA camps they built all around the nation during the Bush administration? Yeah, I can see them going into use real soon.

  5. This entire pandemic could have been easier controlled early on if the media and big tech had just been honest about everything early on instead of "controlling the narrative". Lots of death could have been avoided. Now people don't trust anybody. What in the living hell did they expect? Getting rid of orange man was more important than protecting the nation.

  6. The fact they are mixing up immunization with vaccination clearly shows they have no idea what they are talking about. In everyday speak these get used interchangeably, but there are distinct differences. vaccines will not make you immune, it assists your immune system in fighting off the virus. immunizations is just that, makes you immune. Even immunity doesn't mean you will not be a carrier, there is just a severely diminished amount of time it can survive in you and vaccination would also diminish the life span compared to someone who has no antibodies. There was never going to be a stopping of the spread of this thing, it has a slow onset.

    To put it in perspective, a cure for small pox was created in the 1700s, some sources say it was an immunization, it took nearly 200 years for smallpox to be eradicated, now to be fair the world has drastically changed, but it still took 20 years to finish it off after the WHO got serious about it. Simply put, if the vaccine isn't detrimental to you, it would be wise to get it, it reduces the effects on YOU, it does little to protect others as long as the virus is in your system, you just might not be coughing as much and reducing its spread a little. These people thinking that you are killing grandma cause you aren't getting the poke are retarded, there would be no difference she was either going to get it from you or not. This virus is here and it is here to stay, so we need to learn to live with it and continue on with our lives and not hide in a corner sucking our damn thumbs hoping for a miracle while out country falls to shreds around us.

  7. i have a 10km (6.2miles) radius of my home exercise shoping, and basic things. also read online the newspapers for australia, ie the australian smh, and others to be more informed.

  8. I love the uneducated people in thus comment section saying us Aussies gave up our guns ?. When in reality I can go buy a rifle or shotgun whenever I want.

    We gave up our fully automatic guns not our rifles or shotguns which are used to defend our bush properties from dingoes ect. So please stop spewing this misinformation.

  9. the one thing all these reports & comments seem to not take into account is that most people don't give a crap about covid anymore & are very unlikely to listen to any of their stupid "mandates" at this point. If they try to force such mandates i'd bet they'd get a lot of pushback & doing so would just piss people off at the government even more than they are now.

  10. I worked in the Biotech field. I got the vaccine, no regrets. BUT, I NO LONGER TRUST THE CDC. Wishing I had moved to red state instead of blue…..