Australia facing a gas and coal ‘crisis’

The Spectator’s economist and columnist Alan Moran says when it comes to gas and coal, we are now “stuck” with the policies that have “been in place for so many years” which means we’re short of both.

“Government haven’t allowed new coal to be developed, so it’s not being developed – so now we’re facing a crisis with this,” he told Sky News host Chris Smith.


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  1. renewables are made with fossil fuels, might as well just use the coal close to its source cut down on the transport…make coal cleaner…. we cant even build a submarine… come on guys.

  2. Wait and until people figure out this is deliberate. They knew this was going to happen but they didn't build more power plants or capacity to meet climate targets.

  3. It is NOT a crisis its the selling of OUR resources to other countries for 4 times the cost they command loaclly . We are being swindled by these bastards. Government are simply the worst kind of terrorist pandering to the fantasy climate fools and pretending they can create when all they are capable of ios mismanagement.

  4. Approving more coal and gas projects will make little difference to the global calculations re price and supply. We are already mega producers but the suppliers are going the gutza on the unbelievably high world prices. We are also being charged these world prices by companies with shareholders in tax havens. Who knows who pays Sky News journalist wages.

  5. The blame for extraordinary excessively high gas prices is solely courtesy of Julia Gillard. Julia brokered the deal with the multinationals when she was PM.

  6. We have been sold out, we don't even own the water any more. I'm still waiting for a politician to explain how we are going to afford medical care, education, roads, public transport…… where is the money going to come from? Clothing, fabrics, metals, white goods, electronics and God knows what else were all made here in Australia but now we have a pathetic manufacturing base that can't support the country. Once diesel is gone we'll be back to farmers using scythes to harvest their wheat, we won't even be able to feed ourselves.

  7. Dude, the whole planet is facing a gas and coal crisis from the burning of the sh*t. Take a hard look at one of the greatest natural wonders close to you, the Great Barrier Reef, and wake up and quit being a shill for the oil and gas companies.

  8. Why would we have a crisis on things that the country produces incredible amounts of we have an abundance of gas and an abundance of coal reclaim it for the good of the national interest

  9. Electric batteries for vehicles is expensive. They're not biodegradable therefore there's going to be stockpiles of batteries world wide. What do the people in governments plan on doing with the batteries. Nothing because they have no plans. This is what happens when you have nitwits running the world.

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