Australia Goes FULL 1984, Cramming Through New Bill To Take Over Peoples’ Digital Devices

Tim, Ian, and Lydia host Sydney Watson, fellow YouTuber and conservative commentator, along with The Blaze contributor Elijah Schaffer to determine the nature of Australia’s disturbingly authoritarian new law giving the government access to citizens’ data and physical devices.

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Written by Timcast IRL


  1. I've had a cop go through my phone here in Texas. I was standing there in booking still in handcuffs not even half way through the door yet when he tells me to hold on for a second, I turn around and this mtherfcker is going through my goddamn phone right in front of me. I didn't even do anything that would have required them to go through my phone. I asked him why he was going through my phone and of course he completely ignored me. God I fcking hate cops. If only I could catch one of them alone or manage to recognize one off duty I'd beat the absolute fck out of them.

  2. What's a cybercrime … well first we need to go through all of your devices to see what is on them .. and then we will decide if you've committed a crime. What's going in in Australia is EXACTLY why our founding fathers wanted us to have the right to own weapons …. they knew an armed populace was the only thing that would give an authoritarian movement in the government pause ……. only thing they'd FEAR and governments should FEAR their citizens.