Australia has become an ‘international laughing stock’ over energy crisis

Australia’s “brain-dead approach to energy” has caused our current energy catastrophe, says Sky News host Chris Smith.

“Yes, the world is suffering from power sanctions imposed on Russian gas, but most of Europe has nuclear reactors to fall back on,” he said.

“Not little ole Australia – we’ve been too frightened to even make power from our vast uranium deposits legal. There’s a law against it.

“And of course, we signed away the rights to our gas on the east coast, to multinationals lock, stock and barrel.

“What an international laughing stock Australia has become over energy.”


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  1. "They need to do something yesterday to protect Australian citizens…"

    No. They had their chance, and every time they did something, they blew it. It's time for a free market and not some regulated to buggery atrocity like we have now. Permit nuclear, relax red tape and end all subsidies. It's about doing less not more.

  2. Why Didn't the Government sell it to the Gaint Corrperation. The Government would of Made a Tones of Money. We have a Very Stupid Government. Can't the Government think. The Governments Should just Take it Back from these big Corrperation. I Wish I was in power I would put thing Right. Thank you.

  3. In East Tennessee we have Hydro power and we have gotten used to just turning our porch lights off at night and turning our air conditioner off while we’re gone and that alone for about 2 million people maybe 3 million has fixed our blackouts. It’s actually a law during the summer or I don’t know if it’s a law but it’s frowned upon.

  4. Didn't know that Australia was so controlled by the left. And it looks like they are about to be destroyed by them as well. The people down under need to wake up. If they think the govt will take care of them from cradle to grave, that's called socialism and it's never worked in any country on this planet before.

  5. it is becoming more and more obvious that Global Warming is a political state of the world NOT a physical state. Carbon dioxide has increased significanly over the years being largely orchestrated by China and India with lowering outputs from Australia the production from which is miniscule and absoputely of no consequemce. However, with no measured warming over many recent years, it is clear proof that increases in CO2 does not increase warming. It is also clear that atmospheric carbon dioxisde and other gases CANNOT be responsible for Climate Change, since the wellknown temperature of the eartth, 288 K (15 C), is exactly the same as that produced by sunlight ALONE during the day, when the addition of ANY warming by greenhouse gases would produce a MUCH higher temperature – which quite obviously they do not. See also for an explanation as to why GHGs cannot be responsible for globes mean temperature. jonicol18 at bigpond dot com.

  6. All about sustainable development goals, the goal is to flatten the wealth around the world.

    The globalists are absolutely insane, they are actually trying to destroy every nations ability to the point we ask for a global government to run everything.

  7. Nearly all the politicians like to make everyones life harder and like to reward people who dont work instead of rewarding people who work hard.

  8. In Sweden we shut down half of our nuclear reactors, so now we pay 5 to 10 times as much for our energy. Most peoples bill has gone from 1000kr to 15,000kr. The whole of the west is destroying itself because our people are so stupid they keep voting for these moron that hate us. AND THE WIND GENERATOR THAT I CAN SEE FROM MY HOUSE STAND MOSTLY STILL!!!!! Go green to your grave!

  9. The last 2yrs proves they don't care about lives, only re-election and their own profits. They've been getting wealthier on the backs of the working class and pensioners.

  10. This is all part of the great Reset an agenda to enslave all peoples… It is from Satan. Check out the Opening of the Tunnel in Cern, Switzerland. The opening ceremony is perverse and sickening. This Global Crisis crap is an outright LIE. Our star/sun goes through phases. Our planet is NOT in peril!!! Almighty God made our Earth. He alone will fix it if need be. All this nonsense is to deny a Creator and enslave His children. If they were serious about "saving the planet" they'd STOP spraying aluminum and barium into the atmosphere… They would STOP throwing trash into the oceans which house some of the most beautiful creatures God ever made. They say one thing on one side of their mouth and the exact opposite on the other. Double talkers, liars, lovers of themselves. They call evil Good and good evil. Charletans, wolves in sheeps clothing, they are on the prowl to seduce us with their lofty schemes. Hold tight to Jesus./God. If you don't know Him yet, invite Him into your life..I promise u will be happy u did.

  11. You have been a beacon of stupidity and the cowardly act of giving up your weapons without even a fight. I can say what I want because there is absolutely NOTHING you can do about it. I, on the other hand, still have my weapons and will not have to DIG MY OWN GRAVE. Might even take out a bunch of crooked Government officials and live to fight another day. PS the reason I can say this is because it is free speech, the VERY First Amendment, which is protected by the Second.

  12. In California they run commercials to remind everybody to turn off their appliances after 3 o'clock because that's when all the solar panels start becoming ineffective and when people start coming home from work and turning on their air conditioner, doing laundry, turn on the TV and start cooking their dinner.

  13. Oh Honey…Your internment hotels, and homebound lockdowns with no recourse already made y'all laughingstocks of the FREE WORLD! NOW you see why we have a Second Amendment! It's for when our PUBLIC SERVANTS can't or won't respect AND DEFEND our CITIZENS…NOT SUBJECTS… RIGHTS! 🧐 🤟🏽🐻

  14. All easy here in Western Australia.
    Don't take everything this Peanut says for gospel.
    He speaks for the east coast not the west.
    The problem is the lack of foresight to not legislate domestic supply guarantees on the East.

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