Australia Has Fallen

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  1. Journalists take on Australian law.

    She's wrong.

    Australia does have rights just like the UK. They're under mandate of Commonwealth law.

    You're free so long as you don't break the law.

    It's up to you to know it.

    If you don't you deserve to be beaten by the cops.

  2. This is all BS. NSW, Victoria, and the ACT are all in bubble. The Australian people have a history of standing against dictation. Waltzing Matilda is a poem about a homeless man who would rather drown than be subject to the Authoritarians. Ned Kelly was a freedom fighter. The Eureka Stockade was about miners rights. And the Rum Rebellion was against the government. Australia is basically 2 countries. The cities are blue and everyone else is red.

  3. Helen, nothing personal, but the most eccentric thing here is you and your graphic misinterpretation of the Australian Constitution. Odd. I mean you now call a country home where you don't even have control over deportations – Europe does. You have what is it? Over 200,000 not illegal potential hate crime warnings on the books… and you're preaching about Australia not having rights? Bizarre.
    Comments on the prostitution of a mandate or majority whim at a given time hardly pertain solely to Australia. You can cite instances of this in most democracies around the world if you do your research.
    You also need to qualify remarks far more carefully. As far back as Ming the Merciless it was recognised that things like free speech mattered. What you mean to say is that the Australian Liberal Party in modern guise has fled its core values for the popular vote, which is more an imagined popular vote I'd suggest anyway. This is coupled with Scott Morrison's failings: lack of spine, an eagerness to backflip and appease the woke left and the general malaise, globally, with virulent intersectional cancers.
    What you were trying to get at, more concisely, is the Australian penchant for apathy. Disinterest. This is not a love of authoritarianism but a byproduct of a character fault.

  4. "We hold these truths to be self-evident, […] that to secure these Rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed."

  5. I lived in australia for 2 years prio the pandemic on a WHV. I always found the police to be great and lovely, considering they had pistols on there side! I remember christmas day in Sydney. There was drink and drugs everywhere. A patrol of about 5 – 6 police litteral saw us, must of known we're backpackers or something. And just carried on walking. Bag of weed on the sand. Not saying we shouldn't of been at least approached about that… But, I remember Australia being a welcoming place with police who wern't abusive. I guess Covid has really messed things up.

  6. we didnt fall we got knee capped by the political class utilizing "health ordders" to yield unconditional power wich is then enforced by an all to willing bored police force looking for fights.

  7. but which way do you go, wear the yoke follow all their rules and not do anything or go out fighting?
    Australians are beginning to fight back, pretty soon it's going to come to violence, we are having marches
    in melbourne, sydney and brisbane, when the police finally kill someone the "she'll be right", Apathetic Attitude
    will go out the window and the australian fighting spirit will finally return.
    hopefully all corners of society will see this effects everyone no matter what your views on the virus and vaccines are,
    this is an attack on your humanity.

  8. Our ape brains endured an Ice age. Two massive world wars. Harsh environmental threats, but a sickness with a 5% death rate for people with extreme comorbidities who would likely die from them anyways, and well under 1% for healthy people made us collectively bend over because we've grown so incredibly lulled into subservience by modern comfort. Our ancestors would slap the hell out of us for this. Seriously, imagine telling one of those incredibly brave folks who sacrificed it all fighting fucking Hitler to preserve freedom that we're scared of a flu…..

  9. I love Sargon, but Helen is one of the best things I've got from his channel. I've followed her since his first talk with her about Rome, she has excellent perspectives to bring to many topics. Really happy to see they're still in touch. Her take on why Australia can be so authoritarian is interesting as always.

  10. Wow. So brave and stunning.
    Australia: We won't force you to be vaccinated.
    Also Australia: We will beat you and jail you if you so much as crack your door open for a bit of sunlight and fresh air.

  11. 4:00 "The recession we had to have" Paul Keating.1990 That was an own goal recession caused by leadership challenge. Where the treasurer used the economy to shank and unseat a very popular and populist standing prime minister. The theatrics in Australia was on the scale of when JC got the shiv from Brutus.
    If you are into historical political drama look it up. The Australian reaction to this blod letting was the king is dead long live the king.
    I hope the truck strike takes a bite. If not economically then to the lifestyles for those who order from alibaba. Because amazon does not really ship in Australia. We are in the belt and road sphere of influence after all.

  12. New Zealand hasn’t gone over the edge harder in terms of completely stupid rules. We can go outside, we don’t have to wear masks when we do and we don’t have any paperwork to present for anything. We have a levelling systems for lockdowns with level 4 being the highest which is essentially services only, stay in your bubble. Your bubble being essentially the people in your household. You can go outside and do whatever with them. Do I think level 4 for the whole country is over the top? Yes. The constant extensions and the general losing the plot doesn’t help either. You don’t know where this comes from? I do. New Zealand is a very unified country with a lot of national pride even on the left wing. Every hardship we’ve always gone through together. Everyone. This is part of the reason why the whole country is in lockdown. Because it’s just what we’ve done before. Everyone chips in. The people are happy with this for a while and if you poll everyone they are in support of a 0 case policy. But that opinions been dropping. If they pull this shit again nobody is going to be happy. Vaccination rates have drastically increased and even at the current rate the entire country is set for full double vaccination in 120 days. Which will likely be done in a shorter period of time as the government has finally realised that it is indeed a race to get vaccinated. So they can’t pull it again with the majority of people vaccinated. They just can’t.

  13. The biggest joke is the covid zero policy with a vaccine that doesn't stop you getting it or spreading it, I live in regional Victoria which had no cases until the vaccine rolled out, now people are getting it from the vaccinated people

  14. So in September to October of 2019, Wuhan played host to:
    The world military games, Gene Therapy Alliance symposium (Henry Palaszczuk attended and is the chairman), a conference for international immunologist community and just down the road in Beijing the international forum for the Belt and Road was taking place (dear leader Dan attended). Not to mention the pandemic simulation Event 201.
    The perfect set of circumstances for the pandemic, mixed in with the perfect pre planned meetings for the response.

    Now do you really think this wasn't by design?


    Maybe coincidence, but indisputable facts they are.

    It's not about controlling the virus, it's about controlling YOU and don't you ever forget it.

    Fun bonus fact… Serco, who operates G4S, is the largest contracting company for these quarantine schemes. The largest shareholder is the Royal Family's wealth management firm.
    They're extracting the wealth from us via private/public partnerships at a staggering rate. I believe there's a term for that kind of political arrangement, but if I say it the GooTube will notice it.

    Forgiveness is not for sale, nor is the will to forget.

  15. Our cops, in my home town of Ballarat of all places (home of the Eureka rebellion) were photographed taking a knee for a BLM propaganda op, while simultaneously arresting a pregnant woman who shared a FB post about a lockdown protest… They even admitted the reason they did was because the leftists threatened to burn public buildings down if they intervened!

    The police are absolutely out of control in VicDanistan and this is an untenable situation.

  16. I implore everyone to watch the latest upload from Max Igan on bitchute (the crowhouse channel)… I don't agree with everything he says and he gets some things wrong, but the criminal conduct by the police is absolutely in your face and we must do something about this NOW!

  17. Also Australia exists as a nation solely by the grace of the American taxpayer. It is militarily indefensible. With the empire gone, the US is its only defense. If we were to pull back, it’s legs up to China. Keep that in mind while discussing Australia’s prosperity.