Australia has gone full fascist

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Written by Libs of Tik Tok


  1. The police just don't understand they are being used as useful idiots to enforce unlawful tyranny, and when their usefulness has expired, they are going to be chucked away in the garbage along with everyone else. Can anyone really see one of these idiot cops sitting at a Billionaires table? LOL

  2. Are you all seeing how readily our "public servants" are to enforce authoritarianism? It's happening right before our eyes. But we will soon become accustomed to the current level of authoritarianism and just as it starts to become the "new normal" they will restrict even more of our freedoms. The cycle continues until we are slaves.

  3. F*cking insanity. The “police”, who have become the new age brown shirts for these tyrannical politicians should be locked up, along with those politicians, for treason. That happened the moment they declared war on their fellow citizens . It’s cowardly. It’s sickening. It’s illegal. And it needs to stop.

  4. This is actually a much more accurate depiction of fascism. It is quiet and surgical. Neighbors and co-workers reporting on each other and then being met with a late night knock at your door.

  5. I don't know how they keep their cool in these videos. I'd be furious and telling these cranks to "F%^& right off!". I suppose I'd probably get arrested. I wouldn't feel bad about it though.

  6. completely authoritarian and evil. the government has no right to control their people in this way. screw them, they can’t tell you what you can do. they don’t own you. you have an inherent right to liberty.

  7. So, effectively, these asshats are saying that the govt of Australia can issue martial law and take away people's basic freedoms over any illness or other issue they deem "a public health hazard" and use that to say you're not allowed to invoke your constitutional rights to PROTEST these laws and requirements because they've deemed it valid marital law "health issues". They've effectively squashed your freedoms and told you that you can't do a damn thing about it.

    I'd be spending my time at home gather ALL them names every politician and head of ANY HEALTH ORGANIZATION implementing these rules and IMPEACH them, fire them, demand recall elections, and CHANGE THE GOVT TO ONE THAT DOESN'T DO SHIT LIKE THIS… and the fact there are lemmings that will go along with this shit nowadays ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD is fucking scary. So, far, the only places I see that are free, and people should be considering move their money and homes to are the Scandinavian nations ~ Denmark, Sweden, & Norway.

  8. I have a lot of sympathy for the NSW police. It's not easy being disgusting authoritarians when some citizens would rather exercise their freedoms. Hugs and prayers to the thick police bastards.

  9. Hi, Norwegian here. We lifted almost all of the restrictions a week ago because the majority of citizens are now vaccinated. So no more mask or "metre" mandates. The last restrictions on international travel will be lifted either now in October or within a couple of months. If the jail is your house, or the 5 square km vicinity, it's still a jail. Taking people's freedom of movement away should be reserved for convicted criminals. Anything else is some fascist sheed.

  10. "Correct you are allowed to protest but" you must stay at home. WTF…
    It's like saying driving is legal, but your not allowed to get into your car or start the engine or press the the pedal, but driving is legal……
    We are living in clown world….