Australia Has No Bill Of Rights, And It Shows

In reality, while the pandemic has certainly been a major factor in exacerbating civil rights erosion, Australia’s Covid response has simply added to a problem that had already existed and was already getting worse. The 2019 CIVICUS Monitor, a global research group that tracks fundamental freedoms in 196 countries, downgraded Australia from an “open” country to one where civil space has “narrowed”, citing new laws to expand government surveillance, prosecution of whistleblowers, and raids on media organizations.

Reading by Tim Foley.

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Written by Caitlin Johnstone


  1. Ms Johnstone, do you think this rights discussion which is happening, here in Canada too and we have a Charter of Rights and Freedoms, is a distraction? Important and everything you wrote about, but a way of preventing people from discussing change? Climate change, if you want, but no one is recognizing BIG CHANGE for survival is required. And, who cares about cost when we're talking about survival? Wasn't George Carlin the first one to point the obvious out? The world may go on, Human kind may not. Change has to happen, and none of this nonsense of enabling certain paradigms to continue because they've always been…like money and profit, blah, blah..too much nonsense is preventing change…which is necessary and must be immediate…

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  3. And to think people will say this is left-wing policies being enacted.
    Despite poor people being the most likely to be negatively impacted.
    And rich people benefitting from acquiescence of the majority.

  4. as a victim of State Sponsored Bullying of 20 years: Uncle Sam has a portable device which can read thoughts in real time. i witnessed this first hand. i know this sounds crazy, sci-fi but store this comment in the back of your mind until you have further corroborating evidence. which you will.

  5. Waking up is only the first step, and completely useless if not followed by action. And that action is so scary, most people prefer to stay asleep.

  6. You don't think there have been well thought out plans to deal with a potential pandemic? Of course there were. Yet it was completely botched up. Big business is always money over common good. Scorched Earth is acceptable if there is a buck to be made. And corporations dictate our government. Corporations promote your fear of lost liberties in this instance because it suits their purposes.

  7. I'm so sorry to learn this, I suppose I should have knwon. Since you haven't had terrorists attack the Opera House, the pandemic was the best opportunity to enact your own PATRIOT ACT.
    Are you required to have/use "smart phones"? Actual computers can be secured* and any built in devices can be disabled. It's just a thought.

  8. Excellent. Dear Catiline. You are excellent and your husband support is great. I share all views and positions in a same way. Please unleash your full potential , against authoritarian Nazi stile Australian so called govern- mind. People need to be woken up, The Australia is not, or has never been a democratic country . In order to destroy the owners or the corporate Australia, and their wrong doing , imposed slavery and makiavelism , people of Australia need to employ force, not just "please". Time for "please" is gone 30 years ago.

  9. Thought you were talking about America till I read the vid title again.
    Does America have a bill of rights?
    Thanx Caitlin and Tim. There is no place where the US hasn't spread it's "democracy", eh? Fuck the Bastards.
    ✌&❤ ???

  10. Australia, NZ and even UK barely seem like sovereign nations anymore. They are increasingly just outposts of the US surveillance state. And I probably just got on some list, or got higher on a list I was already on.