Australia: “Highest Death Rate in the World Per Capita”

“Save our system”?
“Save Medicare”?
“Save the NHS”?

This is an inversion of logic and morality according the the Assistant Secretary General (ret.) to the United Nations, Prof Ramesh Thakur.

Stanford epidemiologist Jay Bhattacharya then contends that Australia is now paying a worse price than any other nation as it has deaths and cases per capita higher than even the USA.

This is a segment from a 2 hour episode of The People’s Project:

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  1. If you were going to lockdown any country, you wouldn't lockdown Australia. Not if your goal was to actually save lives. If you condensed our population down to the size of say New Zealand and just dumped us all in New Zealand I could maybe see the argument, because the population density would be so much higher. But as things stand this was simply our Global intelligentsia class kinda virtue signalling to their other intelligentsia class buddies in London and Paris going hey see, we can lockdown too. In fact remember back in March of 2020, just before the first ever nation-wide lockdown happened, they went as far to actually run articles debating whether or not it would even be possible to lockdown a city like Sydney. Much less an entire state.

  2. With the exception of the host., where were these guys when we needed someone to speak up and. We were getting our heads kicked in., go away., it’s to late now even for post mittens.,
    Don’t want to listen .. go solve your own countries’ problems!

  3. They put the fear into the people and it worked people had no problems with giving up their freedoms. In fact people wanted to be locked down. "Lock me down more daddy".

  4. And they'll never admit why we suddenly have thousands fewer nurses, doctors, pilots, paramedics, etc. Shoutout to those Victorians who still cant go back to work in those fields… the state must endlessly punish those who commit wrongthink.

  5. More deaths from lockdown and COVID is a lie. The death rates have gone up since the day vaccines were distributed. AND they can see through the data because of the priority of different age groups targeted at different times.

  6. But that death per capita ….. 🤔 – carrots cause harms and deaths. Why blame CoVid? Most un-carroted who get “CoVid” aren’t dying as far as I’m aware. So, what’s the common denominator amongst those who are dying??? 🐘

  7. Take a look at Australia's rate of "excess deaths". Australia now has a higher rate of "excess deaths" (the number of deaths that exceed the historical average & historical range for deaths each year) – this is now at a higher rate than the number of service personnel who lost their lives during either WW1 or WW2. Our excess deaths are killing more Australians than any world war!

  8. We are beyond common sense and logic……..Australia has the largest number per capita of the smartest dumb folks in the world. I lost a debate to two sheep bots(they had fake news as evidence)

  9. This is not quite correct. SARSCoV 2 ceased being a disease at it evolved through Alpha. It followed the predicted evolutionary path and fizzled out with Delta. The only people who died after the Alpha variant were those who had co-morbities. The governments around the Western world insisted on counting anyone who had a covid infection at their death were classes as a covid death. It was a complete corruption of the data spearheaded by the American's and British to which Canada, NZ and Australia followed. What these men are doing is trying to create a story that is as discredited as the governments justification for lock downs and mandates. Given the only initiative that had any effect was the border closures to which the corrupt ABC with the QUANTAS chief immediately attacked, there was nothing else that made a difference but to impede natural immunity. It was doctor's and nurses who had been infected and recovered who were the most valuable asset to reduce the risk to the vulnerable but the corrupt power hungry WHO and equally corrupt Western Governments who dismissed that simple fact did so to promote vaccines, the rest is history, the future for the vaccinated is yet to be disclosed.

  10. Not just the toll of non-exposure to pathogens, it's most likely the toll of mRNA gene-therapy. Every single relevant study showed severe side effects, if you project that on an entire population you'll get a continued death rate of normally healthy individuals.
    It remains to be seen how long lasting this effect will be, it might be over within 1-2 years of the last "boosting round", however comparable damages to organ walls have shown to shorten life significantly. The 10 year survival rate of myocarditis is worse than the immediate survival rate for example.

    My guess is that we will see a new normal regarding the average life expectancy, it will lower for the current generation and it will increase again for the new ones.

  11. You’re a disgrace to Australia, Discernible. You stick up for the most appalling policies, stand up for tyranny and ask the stupidest questions ever. I can’t stand to look at you.

  12. Been saying this for years. People have always hand waved criticisms of Aussie crap healthcare as "at least it isn't America". I'm sorry but there are serious issues with the system.

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