Australia is becoming a Police State

We are descending into a world Orwell could only dream of.

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Filmed before current Sydney restrictions.


Written by friendlyjordies


  1. If we vote labour in all our problems will go away… Not!

    Both parties are just as bad as each other, Kevin rudd openly admits he wants to flood our country with 20+ million migrants, good luck keeping this multi-cultural domestic empire together without hugely expanded police oppression. The only solution is to leave this country and move to Uruguay.

  2. Leave Australia, it’s gonna turn into China 2.0 with their social credit system and no freedom of speech. Both liberal and labour are guilty. Don’t be fooled into thinking one side is better than the other. It’s all an illusion.

  3. I agree with you on this one Jordie, but I hate to tell you we'd still be in a police state no matter who was in government. It's not about who's running us, it's about who's running them.

  4. Bro for someone who used to model you'd think at least one of your thumbnails wouldn't have you looking like a confused child in a target add.

    None the less love your shit

  5. There's already legislation in place that would allow the government to disregard our human rights. The climate right now is exactly what a hitler or stalin would be looking for.

  6. Hey Jordies, how many of those measures you complain about were voted against by Labor? Which party actually voted against them? Hint: you love slagging them off as ineffective all the time.

  7. And at the last election, useless Shorten and Labor agreed to expand surveillance and kill off more privacy under pressure from the Libs. Promising to review and repair when they got elected. Guess what Labor lost and now we are stuck with them.
    So fuck Labor and Shorten as well !!!

  8. Online or off AuStRAliA is a police state. They've backdoors on apps like telegram, Wickr and WhatsApp.

    FBI and the AFP have even recently been working togather. They don't target pedos alone. No they target """Bikies"""" and anyone else they deem a threat (aka people who don't like the government) including some journalists and people who whistle blow agiasnt corruption.

  9. Canberra under the Libs have divided the country into faction brawling , minority groups , splintered community . Then escalated right wing media into mainstream while rorting scamming cutting anything not liked by the IPA