Australia is Just Days Away From A Social Credit System

With changes to the Digital Identity Legislation many Australians are afraid that we are on the verge of a China Style Social Credit System. Considering what we’ve been through during the last two years fear is understandable.

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  1. it took the Queensland cops 2 weeks to get caught using Covid phone data for " doubtful purposes" (> oh yeah..the same people going to court about MAND VAX > ater locking people up, and handing out months worth of wages in fines..amazing)
    ( ie ILLEGAL SEARCHES) > how many people just dont know whats on the horizon?

  2. Does anyone remember Bob Hawke's Australia Card proposal from the 1980s? Both Labor and Liberal governments have always wanted to implement a national ID system in this country but they were never able to do it because Australians were always averse to the idea. Now they are simply implementing the same thing in a digital form.

  3. I grow ducks, guinea fowl, chicken, fruit and veg. I have sheep, goats and alpaca. I can barter with or trade with silver if need be. I no longer have any use for a system that believes me and mine are it's slaves. I invite others with the same mind set to consider moving to areas where they can join/create communities that can thrive without the social credits (mark of the beast)

  4. They deliberately made the token system poor so as to make digital identification preferable. It’s purely to dupe the masses into it. They do this over and over with many systems. It’s not all that hard, they make it difficult for that purpose. No link to COVID status? I call Bullshit! How dense are idiots? FFS

  5. So the north is governed by Russia, south is by Iran or Israel will c, west is America, east is China
    This will help with the control of the one order, these rules has been created back in 1992