Australia is leading the freedom movement

We are no longer the silent majority…we’re the LOUD majority.


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  1. The red flag wave has now been revealed!
    They have conveniently introduced the next variant!
    Australia we cannot Surrender!!!
    Over 30 UN vehicles have been spotted in Queensland!
    Who knows where the rest may be placed??
    We must keep moving forward!!!
    Prepare and become critical thinkers!!!
    We are winning the war however the battle is before us!

  2. Stay strong
    Stay smart
    Do not fall for the media changing rhetoric or politicians changing there stance .
    Elections are coming folks , they just want to be your friend for a short while then throw you away again .
    As I said do not forget what we’ve been threw and how they’ve behaved .
    Stay strong
    Stay smart 👍🏼🇦🇺❤️

  3. Me thinketh didn't the Berlin Wall come down after the people., stopped complying and then they turned up and some went home and others would turn up and some went home and others would turn up and some went home and others would…….turn up!@!?😝🤪😜😎

  4. That's awesome. The Canberra Times reported on our presence on Saturday (24th of November). That's probably the first time they acknowledged we exist but they may have underreported our numbers (It was more like 800 to 1200)

  5. Thank you Monica for your honesty, integrity and openness (seriously lacking in some journalists at the moment ) for your leadership, sacrifice (being unlawfully arrested and locked up for 22 days,) thank you for your enthusiasm and encouraging the masses to keep up their commitment to gathering to show strength and solidarity for our most precious human right – freedom of choice and the right to decide how our future will be. Thank you for maintaining the rage in a calm and professional way, and for creating a platform where all like minded, peace loving people can defend their rights and support each other. Thank you for bringing the plight of Victorians and all Australians to the attention of the world and for all the hours of planning, interviews, political support and organising businesses to support those who are fighting for freedom of choice. Bless you Monica, you’re valued and appreciated more than we could ever tell you. Go girl – we love your endless energy. As you say, you and Reignite Australia CAN NO LONGER BE IGNORED.

  6. OK…
    Got something to say here.
    NSW 'vaccine' work mandates stopped.
    Bidens 'vaccine' work mandates in The US stopped.
    Western Australias (yes we are still in Australia and Australians) Premiers Mark McClowns 'vaccine' work mandates still going ahead as planned… can you see a contradiction here?
    Can you please highlight this fact as time is now nigh.
    Thank you

  7. YES and the reason is Australia has WARRIORS like Monica and the Cossack and Avi fighting for truth and freedom. And there are many more that are working to free Australia from this dictatorial nightmare. Maybe, just maybe, we can get REAL change in these authoritarian governments!

  8. Melbourne setting the pace for freedom. Awesome. Freedom is a human right and no politician or medical beuracrat has any right to remove it. Any political party that does not promote freedom and end the unfair, unscientific mandates will lose enormous votes. Keep up the great work Monica and all of Victoria.

  9. Beware that our puppets don't need our votes . . its the globalist who they are out trying to impress . . your vote & my vote wont makes a difference . . these monsters don't care about our numbers & protest wants . .

  10. Might be time to use the force of the protesters to flood Rod Barton MP aka pandemic-Bill-fence-jumper , with phone calls, emails, office visits/protests, internet posts, snail mail, build a website, contact his family, or do whatever it takes to bring him back to the “right side of the law”.

  11. This is a plea to People, and to Leaders of Australia, and of course to Ricardo Bosi, to help the world to see what has been going on with the children in the DUMB tunnels underneath Australia. The same has been going on in the US, and all over the world. The children will be the wake up call that humanity needs right now. You are True Warriors of the Light and it is only fitting that since you are standing up for All of the people of Australia, that you include the children. The horror of what has been going on, the horrible torture and murder of the children, must be made known to humanity. It seems that the Australian people are the first to lance the sores upon the Earth, in order for the Earth’s people to heal, and to remove all governments who are pushing citizens to relinquish their freedoms by giving over their bodies and their children’s bodies, to the genocidal maniacs who are in charge around the world.
    We are the Children of God, All Sisters and Brothers. We, The Adults, Are The Protectors OF The Children Who Are The Future Of Our World. Thank You for your courage, strength, honor, and particularly the women of Australia who are leading the Charge, Bless You All, Spirit Eagle, USA.

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