Australia is “NEVER Going Back to Normal”

Straight from the horse’s mouth…
One thing is accepting we will have to live with Covid-19 forever and take personal precautions, another thing is to use it as an excuse to impose eternal restrictions on the people. #AUSTRALIAHASFALLEN

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  1. Who would have thought that a people who live in a land that has the most deadly wildlife and weather patterns would be over in by fear of a highly survivable resperatory infection?

    Oh God, the pride of man, broken in the dust again.

  2. The vaccines are mandatory for just about everyone to work there….except for the politicians. It’s amazing my friends; the mistakes of history truly don’t matter. It seems as if though we will be repeating ourselves over and over again. Half of humanity is intent on ruining everything. Australia should never have given up their guns. What a mistake. Mass shootings are tragic but they are so insignificant when compared to a tyrannical government.

  3. This is why you never let the government take away the citizens guns because this is the kind of shit that happens!!! If they had guns they can fight back against this 1985 crap!

  4. Had a male nurse try and tell me to leave the room while they helped her relieve herself. Piece o $hit probably wanted to do more than (help) anyway this happened long before covid.
    She had just got out of surgery and had to use the bed pan.
    So I stated loudly “Like I haven’t ever bear witness to her vagina before you freaking clown”
    Nurse #2 female nurse commented Mr.Sanford does not have to leave the room .
    Ya that’s what I thought !!
    Exercise your mouths people. There are plenty of power hungry morons out there that want to do whatever they see fit !

  5. So is Australia's reputation for being full of woman-beaters actually just the assumption that the women MUST have been beaten to look that ugly?

  6. Australia…. someone is providing protection for these tyrants.
    We wash your cars, we prepare your food, we clean your homes, we watch the streets while you sleep…… Tyler Durden

  7. Gawd just looking at that pinched (between your fingers type not stealing) woman is almost bad enough; but that screechy voice along with it…
    Somebody just do us all all a favor and put her out to graze in the south 40.

  8. Where I live everything has been normal for a long time. No masks, no social distancing and surprise no one is sick. Have some fuckin balls and take your communities back.

  9. ON saturnday we had ZERO deaths by covid registered, Since the beginning of the pandemic. That is a record on it own. YEsterday the president did take his covid jab, in promise to what happened. and today we have less then 1000 active cases. Even if Paraguay is a small country it is evidence of it is posible to go back to Normal.

  10. See it doesn’t just end with a vaccine, booster shots? So they want people taking this like the flu shots, yearly… I wasn’t interested then, and Im sure af not now