Australia is on the brink of recession

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Is Australia really on the brink of a recession?


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  1. I see no opportunity in Australia and cannot wait to move overseas. I believe AU will look like SE Asia over the next two decades. Add to that African ghettos in Melbourne and Brisbane.

  2. Raise rates to 20% now. Lot’s of fakers over-leveraged, trying to convince everyone that they have some social status. It’s all debt, no equity. They’ll be wiped out. Looking forward to the fire sale.

  3. Lol do people actually believe property is going to drop. Even though auction clearance rates are lower houses are still selling at high prices. When is this huge drop suppose to happen lol. It will never I'm sorry

  4. I think we have been in a recession since 2020 and now we are heading for a depression. You cant shut down the world economy because of a sniffle and not have a devastating result.

  5. Bear (or is it bare?) in mind, when home buyers pay interest, that money ins't getting chopped up and destroyed. 90 billion doesn't 'leave' the economy. It just transfers around.

  6. The government could come to the rescue when consumer price inflation was low , its high now.
    You cant fight inflation with rescue packages .
    Let see how much currency and inflation gets destroyed on paying down debt with higher rates attached.
    Reverse wealth effect is the conditions the RBA wants , a domino effects of defaults will occur inflation and compounded high inflation will persist.
    A 20% drop on a 1.5 million $ property is still a good chunk of change.

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