Australia Issues Warrants For ‘COVID Suspects,’ Suspects Must MARK Homes, Internment Camps Next

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  1. If Tim thinks that the Nazi's have only taken control of AU he's wrong. They are everywhere, they never left. Just look at the company Entrust that was just awarded the vaccine passport contract in Great Britain. It was purchased a few years ago by the Quant family. The Quants are Nazis, literally. They got their start in Nazi Germany, used and benefited from the concentration camp labor and were allowed to keep the money they made via slave labor. These people would have been tried at Nuremberg if the father hadn't been able to suppress information about the family. The children of the people who ran these business are the ones who own Entrust TODAY. THE NAZIS WERE NOT DEFEATED. Just open your eyes and look. There are tons of Nazi families like this who kept their wealth and are still doing business, and a lot of them are in the chemical business or pharmaceutical industry.

  2. This entire pandemic has been a pain in the ass. People aren’t dropping dead in the streets but it was treated like there were bodies on the sidewalks. We’ve been told to wear this stupid mask that makes it harder to breathe under the guise of protecting yourself and others. Businesses have been shut down and people told that they can’t work because of this disease like it’s some highly lethal weapon of mass destruction. And people keep saying that we HAVE to do more things? Nothing has worked so far and nothing has been proven to work definitely, so why are we still taking orders on how our lives can lived?

  3. Its obvious that the media is trying to push terror, the government to placate the abject terror is suspending rights and gaining control and the government get it with a smile on citizens faces under the pretense of public security.

    I'm wondering if this was either ment to happen (they may have either knowingly allowed covid to spread or they took advantage of a crisis) or if they planned to do something like this, especially in Australia. They forced the right into a discriminated group, then they outlawed guns and took them from the population, then reequipped the police and military, then covid happens and they force a curfew, concentration camps under the guise of helping people with covid and arrest anyone who wont get the vaccine or even stay home.

    It seems like the parable of the frog in the pot, if they did all this at one time then people would freak out, but if you gradually turn up the heat then the frog will remain in the pot until its boiled alive.

    Kinda like the pig and the farmer, everyday a farmer feeds a wild pig, at first he tries to build a cage around the pig all at once but the pig realizes its gonna get trapped and runs. After a while the farmer gets another plan together and each week he puts up a single wall, the pig doesnt realise the walls are put up since it sees it everyday but can leave so it wont pay attention to it but after 4 weeks the pig is dependent on the farmer and the farmer completes its cage. The pig traded freedom for security and food and the farmer owns and controls the pig.

    Too many people get scared and want a bigger person to protect them, they trade their freedom for security. Their liberty for a dictatorship willfully, but at least where I'm from most people will fight tooth and nail to keep their freedom but I cant say the same for big cities. Most city residents rather punish their fellow citizens instead of just minding their own business and taking individual responsibility.

    The vaccine dosnt prevent covid from being contracted, and it doesnt prevent those who have it and are vaccinated from spreading it if they are sick.

    The vaccine only reduces the symptoms of covid if you catch it after being vaccinated, so it makes no sense to force the vaccine if it dosent even prevent contraction or infection rates. It should be an individuals choice if they rather get covid and have a hard time or a reduction of effect.

  4. This madness will not stop. All that will happen is every measure they try to take/enforce/demand will continue to have little effect on the outcome and they will just escalate everything and claim it is what they must do. It will not stop with internment camps. Euthanasia (i use that term tongue-in-cheek) will be on the table soon.

  5. So the Nazis have to purge all that they deam unclean? Or is it someone else that's doing that… seems that the sheepple can't see it … they voluntarily walk into the gas chambers to be cleansed…

  6. I live in Victoria, it is currently illegal for my father to see his sons, it is illegal for my brother to see his 5 y/o son who lives in Tasmania and I'm supposed to believe that tomorrow they won't make it illegal for me to see my son, for my safety?
    Freedom of movement is illegal
    Freedom of association is illegal
    Freedom of speech is illegal
    Freedom of religion is illegal
    Freedom of protest is illegal

    There's a word for people who put their safety above the freedoms of their children, its coward.

  7. Top Bio experts(that would be science) investigating the Covid origins claimed to have just found evidence linking portions of it to the Winn ipeg lab, Canada. Wu han, Winni peg, Fort De trick, US, Pir bright UK, sample sharing. Still think accident?

  8. "If everyone would just stand up and say No, this would all go away" Do you think people who are building mass detainment camps and firing rubber bullets into crowds of peaceful protestors care if you say No??? Australia has fallen, there is no going back.

  9. Really, is it kind of a dick move for someone on his way to his quarantine hotel to sneeze in the elevator of his apartment building on his way out? Shut up you paid opposition.

  10. to·tal·i·tar·i·an

    Several stages past "the writing is on the wall"

    This is full-blown lunacy and delusion on a grand scale… referencing Orwell is a notable understatement.