Australia just released the ARMY onto their own citizens

#auspol #nt #libertarian

Residents in Binjari and Rockhold are in a hard lockdown. They can’t leave their house at all. All they can do is sit and wait for the troops…

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  1. that's how all the politicians talk. When Perretot became premier he said we can't have a 2 tier society, we might bring the date forward for the unvaxxed then does the opposite. Then he said we don't want a police state, meanwhile there are still choppers in the air. The latest tweet he said he welcomes more migration to fill the many jobs there are. Ignoring the unvaxxed.

  2. 9 cases, meanwhile Perretot is saying more migrants should come in to fill the vacancies. Gunner apparently said the 300 workers who resigned for refusing the jab he'd use that money to give pay increases to those who submitted. 9 cases is funny since we're opening up to international travel (which is crap since its more likely they 're opening it so they can let foreign workers in to replace ) and opening up to travel with singapore which has a daily case rate of 1700 ! …

  3. Shanghai has 6 times the population of melbourne and 1/4 the space, the people travel mostly by public transport, and live in apartments with shared lifts. If there was any contagion they would get it before any of us .

  4. Good report ! 🙂 – I love the stats ! – the stats always beat any lies. They're worried about a few cases but open up for international travel. the average daily case rate in asia including Thailand and Malaysia is like 5000 . lol. I don't even think they are opening it for htat reason but as an excuse to let in planeloads of replacement workers ….. thank God for independent media. This pandemic has shown independent media has to be protected.

  5. Good research ! – (ABC journalist married to gunner) . Alot of articles by the Guardian always making fun of cRaig Kelly, then we find out The Guardian gets 3 million a year from Bill Gates to counter anti vaxxers. corruption.

  6. Old Gunner get on the beers 🤣🤣 I do think people are feeling a little bit silly thinking this was all about that thing going around, the army called in for 9 cases seems a bit odd, when will this be coming to a town near you?

  7. Covid found in waste water is code for children found. This is cover for them being rescued. "Earthquakes" have been recorded at Tenant Creek and Cairns. Binjari is between these 2 sites. People need to stay home whilst operations are carried out.

  8. that was a deliberate ploy to use the army. they have enough manpower on hand. they wanted to frighten the blackfellows who're not that frightened of the police, accustomed in fact to fight with them sometimes.
    "psychopathic rants". good one. Excellent. totlly excellent. glad to have found this channel.

  9. Wow, for a moment there I thought I was watching Desperate Dan. Obviously singing from the same hymn book and suffering from the double jab mental fog since nothing he says makes sense.

  10. What the actually fuck is happening down there?

    When the military is rounding up people that have a cold and putting them in camps, it's well beyond the time to force these people out of power.

  11. I've just discovered your channel. Thank you for your excellent videos. Truth telling is in such short supply in these dark times, people like yourself are heroes..

  12. I am not sure why you feel the need to lie about things that can be checked in seconds by anyone. My initial reaction to your channel was great, but a few seconds of research showed you to be blatantly dishonest on one point, so I now can’t believe anything you say, which is very disappointing. I am talking specifically about the remoteness of Binjari that you showed via google earth. Having been into many remote Aboriginal communities I initially believed you, not having been to Binjari I thought I would look to see where it was. If you had of expanded the view on Google Earth be both know it shows it a very different picture of the remoteness you claimed. I wanted to like your channel, however especially in these times I have zero tolerance for dishonesty and propoganda.

  13. Keep going mate! Information is our Last tool 💪🏾👍🏽 Same shit all around this crazy planet. Australia is one of the most scary I'm afraid… i feel so sorry.. fore & curage guys! 💪🏾💛
    All the bes from Switzerland !
    Not sweeden paridise.. Switzerland🇨🇭🤣!

  14. Go Army Go, Joe pjelki peterson had the right idea in QLD when he brought in the Army to quell a Union organized strike which would have left QLD in the dark. It broke the strike. Sorry guys if you dont follow the rules you suffer the concequences. You want to buck the system by breaking the law, I got no sympathy for you. Most of the spreading of this virus is caused by people who think they are above the law and just don't give a flying red rats for their fellow man. Go Army Go.

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