Australia Makes INSANE Claim That Climate Change Increases “Violence Against Women And Girls”

What are they thinking?

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Written by Dinesh D'Souza


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  1. Australian Taxpayers Dollars at Work I'm so relieved we can sleep at night we have such a Woke .. Inept Labor Government taking their cues from the inept EU and US Bidenist Programs Primary agenda revealed Climate Change meanwhile the economy is heading down the Sh#ter. Coal / Gas Power generation systems being deliberately run down to make way for Taxpayers Dollars Funding Unreliable Green Energy.. which will run into Trillions and destroy what we have here and Now.
    What in the world is she on about . What's Her Name ?? .Australia has to fund .Penny Wong was there doing the Climate Change Dance truck loads of Cash climate change meetings for Pacific Islanders whom by the way have entered into agreements with China

  2. I’d say that “selective equality” is the cause. Meaning that since the Left has told us that women can become men and men can become women, that women deserve 100% equality etc., women falsely believe they can physically assault men whenever they choose and pay no price.

    Men are being slapped, kicked, punched and spit on by women more often and are absolutely SHOCKED when they get some “equality” handed back to them.

  3. She didn’t even need to open her mouth. One look at her pink highlights I already knew what kind of person she is. Another wacko. And I thought the word “woman/women” was not suppose to be used anymore? 😂 She’s not as progressive as she thinks.

  4. This is another form of Soft Fascism of the FAR LEFT Globalist Regime of Australia.
    They treat women as dumb puppets that will promote the alarmist far left agenda of climate change.
    They need dumb women to portray themselves as victim to seize power.

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