Australia omicron and vaccinations

Special report on omicron and vaccination in Australia. Thanks as always to Dr. Nigel Farrier

Written by Dr. John Campbell

Hello Everyone,My name is John Campbell and I am a retired Nurse Teacher and A and E nurse based in England. I also do some teaching in Asia and Africa when time permits. These videos are to help students to learn the background to all forms of health care. My PhD focused on the development of open learning resources for nurses nationally and internationally.


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  1. @Dr. John Campbell – I cringe every time I see the background poster that says nothing about ventilation! Just wash hands, 6 ft etc. Message needs to change please to include ventilation.

  2. THe disease is not as bad as we are told, and the vaccines don't work.
    Human beings are a social species – and it is inevitable that more lockdowns and mandates are going to lead to very serious blowback. The threats of violence are going to develop into real violence and civil society will, once again, prove to be a thin veneer.
    The knee-jerk panic to force the people is a fool's errand – the resort of lame leaders. Leaders who only know how to window-dress and are not intelligent enough to see the broader picture.
    When the cure becomes worse than the disease, there is hell to pay.
    Hang onto your hat – things are about to get very, very ugly.

  3. Sir vaccinated people get and transmit the virus, as per an English study, 2.5 times more than unvaccinated. So what you are saying is absurd. How would anyone could sue a business if they don't know if they caught the virus there? If the vaccinated spread it too. Please explain it to me

  4. Anyone being open to mandante this type of vacines, imediatly deslike doctor cambpell
    Stop the vacine mandates, Stop the lockdowns, and the violence will STOP !!!!

    Best Regards

  5. There seems to be still confusion about vaccination and the purpose and what it is actually is doing. Please someone clarify! If I get vaxed, it protects me, correct? It DOES NOT protect someone else? Correct? How am I protecting others if I get vexed? Does the vax slow the spread? Or, just minimize symptoms and mortality?

  6. I wouldn't go to Australia if my life depended on it, I wouldn't buy their wine or any other product. It's disgusting what their gov't is doing to their people and posting this video supporting fascist policies is a low point in the 22 months that I've been following your channel.

  7. This is because the government is not listening to the people ! So the people are going to be heard one way or another !
    The tables will turn it’s only a matter of time 🤷🏼‍♂️🙏🏻🇳🇿🇬🇧

  8. Please explain to us the Pfizer study released by the FDA this week. It is the the first since the US court ordered 500 pages a month of the over 30,000 pages of documents to be released each month.

  9. Yes for goodness sake don't threaten the very people who are building concentration camps and promising to destroy your lives if you don't surrender all of your freedoms to their whims.

  10. If u want to take the damn vaccine, then take it and If u don't want to get vaccinated, then it should be accepted as well. every human being should have a free choice and mandates are a threat to the people who don't want it! they got the right to defend themselves!

  11. Did I miss the part where Dr Nigel mentioned the Australian ban on Apirating?
    Did I miss the part on how Australia has banned Ivermectin while it's the 'miracle in Japan".
    I noticed that he is upset that someone allegedly threatened to rape the Premier, that funny coming from a Dr who was charged for a sexual offence.
    Dr John why do you keep putting this clown on your channel who contributes zero to science?

  12. How is it a legal minefield?? If you're vaccinated and try to sue your company because they allow unvaccinated colleagues at work, your lawsuit should be considered frivolous and you should be forced to get your head examined, because you are a top class nut job

  13. This guy is appalling, he plainly justifies the removal of civil rights while simultaneously demonizing all democratic protesters as crazy people making threats. This is a lie, people are protesting at the disgraceful and undemocratic behavior of the Australian authorities, this pathetic little man should have been challenged on just about everything he said. Quite frankly John I am very disappointed that you gave him an opportunity to speak unchallenged, your credibility just plummeted to near zero.

  14. He needs to be deported back to England.
    He is anti Australian, liberties freedom and sovereignty.
    It's people like him who are the enemy of the Commonwealth of Australia and it's constituent. citizens.
    Definitely no friend of Australia.

  15. People are going to take the companies to court anyway because they got sick from the mandatory covid vaccines.
    They just can't hide behind health work and safety legislation.
    One hell of an oxymoron happening.

  16. Hanging is reserved for people who commit treason in Australia.
    It's in the Australian Federal constitution of 1901.
    People should get over it, that's what traitors deserve.
    They need to be made an example of, for their betrayal of their allegiance to the Commonwealth of Australia.

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