Australia painted as a ‘dystopian nightmare’ as footage goes viral

More footage from Australia is going viral and painting our country as a “dystopian nightmare” where individual rights are not protected and a scared populace submits to a police state, according to Sky News host Rita Panahi.

“To us, a bunch of teenagers being handcuffed in the middle of the night and fined $1,000 each for the crime of meeting at a Sydney beach has become normal,” she said.

“But the rest of the world looks in abject horror.”

Ms Panahi said people around the world are “marvelling” at what’s happening in Australia, noting Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson has taken aim at how Australian police are treating protesters.

“There is similar commentary and discussions I’ve seen from the UK,” Ms Panahi said.

“Is this how we want to be perceived as a country?”


  1. It's such a shame as Australia must be such a beautiful country and always thought of as a "go-to" country, many folk I know including relations have moved there over the years and there's always been a slight envy from those of us in the UK, I'm sure this will all settle down but it's not just an Australian problem sadly. It's a shame the power goes to the heads of these people. Every good wish Australia from Scotland!

  2. Australia has become a disgrace. To think, almost 60 years ago we nearly emigrated and for a reason we never did find out, at the last moment my father said we were not going. Did he have some kind of premonition? He's been gone many years so I can't ask him.

    You have evil people running Australia. Morrison, Hazzard (Mengele would be proud of him) and that vile creature, Andrews. You have a "police force" that's drunk on power, is taking a delight in beating unarmed people up and seem to have lost any reasoning powers.

    THIS is what happens when people just roll over and take everything their government and the media says as verbatim.

    The remedy is in the hands of the ordinary people of Australia. You MUST remove the tyrants you have in power and make an example of them – publicly, along with the corrupt police chiefs and even lower ranking officers If you don't, the horrors we are witnessing now will become much, much worse. They've already targetted and probably killed your children, maybe not now but in a year or two's time when the full effects of that jab becomes known.

    You have all sleep-walked into this dystopian nightmare, now you all need to wake up.

    This is also what happens when people have no way of arming themselves. Now you know why guns are prohibited – and the same applies to the UK.

    I am not a praying kind of person but I am praying for Australia, that you are given strength to fight back against this terrible regime you've found yourself under. I have family in Australia. I haven't heard from them for a long time. I don't even know if they are still alive.

    The world is indeed watching you.

  3. These are weaponized hall monitors.

    These police should all be rounded up and put into camps, where they could take turns being guards and being prisoners.

  4. Anyone who believes you should just blindly follow your Government is already indoctrinated to the government propaganda and lies. If you tolerate tyrants tyrants will take your right. Stop being so scared and submissive.

  5. I've always wanted to visit australia and Ireland. Australia has become communist literally overnight ❗ Should have kept your guns mates. I'll die before I comply❗??⚔️??

  6. $1,000 fine? Guess that's one way to finance your government. "Fines" sounds less responsible than "taxes".
    I'll admit, I'm one of those astounded people at what I hear about Australia. I thought you were a more advanced country.

  7. It's really bad that people listened to the TYRANTS lies and turned in their weapons years back and now look at them…same thing HITLER did…people are ignorant because they don't observe history. So AUSTRALIA MEN were are your guts now…have you become jelly or ??.. 4 your information those men in police uniform are fake…repeat…fake… they take an oath to protect the people but these fake asses took oath to protect the TYRANTS…if you want your country and freedom you have to by pass the asses and go for the root of the problem.. .that is the TYRANYS themselves…if you don't soon you will be buried alive and used as fertilizer for what is left of the depopulated to grow their crops on ….think it is a joke better start researching what the TYRANTS are saying about burials…..CALIFORNIA said they are going to start doing it…so we need you AUSTRALIANS to anne up…you are worthless because you are not willing to fight for your freedom…prove me wrong and I will apologize….