Australia Passes Insane Surveillance Law


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  1. Imagine a day where everyone is so surveilled they have to switch back to pen and paper.

    Now stop imagining and open your eyes because we’re basically here

  2. How long until notable Australians that hate authoritarians all start getting arrested for child porn or something like that all in a short period of time? This is a China level law.

  3. That “higher court not necessary” bit is a major red flag. In many commonwealth countries, magistrates are allowed to sign certain warrants. Magistrates are not always judges. In fact in American commonwealths, they are basically political appointments. In fact certain American Commonwealth’s require higher court approval on seriously invasive warrants because of major incidents involving magistrates approving midnight warrants which met the legal threshold known as “absolutely batshit”

  4. Wow, Youtube is going out of it's way to delete my comments and I'm not even saying anything spicy. Calm down free speech award winner Susan!

  5. Lived there for a year, ten years back. Even then it was a police state. You can't do a bloody thing without some fckn rule or regulation to ruin the fun. I've never been in a country that's sooo cucked.

  6. Coof Passports are the first step to create "Social Credit".
    The seeming Plandemic is nothing but an excuse to gather power and flow into authoritarianism.
    The more power is gathered, the less a government wants to relinquish it.

  7. Daddy dank As an Australian fan, I can say with confidence that Australia is being used as a testbed by the other western powers to see how far they can go with their authoritarianism before people start throwing Molotovs at them in anger. I mean fuck we have Rona gulags now er I mean "quarantine facilities" this has also been happening for decades with the creation of the welfare state under Former PM Bob Hawke back in 1983 when he was first elected.

  8. What I fear is the Conservatives (There called the liberal party here) will get their dumb propaganda voters to blame it on the labour.
    labour has only been in control of our country for 6 of the last 20 years AND NOT THE LAST 8 YEARS … yet gets blamed for this SHIT. labour has at every stage tried to defend this country from crap like this. Yet everywhere people who criticize this blame LABOUR EVEN IN ASTRAILA MY OWN COUNTRY. I hear people talking about thing like this and always they blame it on LABOUR HOW ??????? . I CAN NOT COMPREHEND IT AT ALLpowerful