Australia Politicians Now Advocating for the COVID-19 Vaccine Injured—Here Comes the Mainstream

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With thousands of COVID-19 vaccine-injured persons reporting that they are all but nonexistent across Australian society, a liberal MP has decided to step up and embrace their cause. In what represents a growing trend reported by TrialSite, liberals and mainstream media starting to acknowledge and even embrace the COVID-19 vaccine injured, Russell Broadbent now becomes an advocate for COVID-19 vaccine injuries in Australia.

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  1. If I was a patient with a weakened heart and awaiting a heart transplant I would not put my body at further risk by taking a vaccine that is for all sense and purposes in a trial phase. Denying her a heart transplant because she won’t take the vaccines goes against all medical logic in my mind. If I were a doctor I would’ve advised against such a risky action. Our governments have committed crimes against humanity.

  2. How disgusting that we have to fund the compensation from our own taxation dollars. Who has ever heard of governments compensating for private enterprises screw ups???

  3. here I am once again on an American site finding out about events in my own country, once again Thanks Adrian, I am un masked unvaxxed, unrepentant. I realised this was a scam in late 2020, my ex wife watches mainstream media, she has had FOUR clot shots

  4. Mainstream gives no voice to our most supportive politicians. Senator Gerard Rennick (Australia’s number one vaccine injury voice), Senator Alex antic, Pauline Hansen, Craig Kelly , Rod Culleton, Malcolm Roberts

    Look up AMPS – Aussie doctors who are awake!

  5. Why is that lady still in Victoria? Anyone who didn't leave Victoria in the beginning of 2021 can't really complain now. I wonder if anyone in the human rights commission would be interested? Nick Coatsworth is about as useful to society as Dan Andrews!

  6. What the jab mandate has shown around the so called FREE WORLD is politicians do nothing for the benefit of the people, while those who are there to protect the people ie police & the health professionals DO NO HARM all fold like a cheap suit when the people need them the most.

  7. Why is it that so many countries are hiding from the truth that there is something wrong with the COVID vaccine weather it’s the method no aspiration or the vaccine is it the MRNA method of the injection.

  8. The crazy thing about all this corporatist dystopian shtfukery (it all has to do with the fact that the TGA Therapeutic Goods Administration, Australia's version of the FDA is 90% funded by Big Pharma, & many leading politicians their oligarchs/handlers, have Pharma shares & recieve "donations") .. But the crazy thing about all this is that Kerryn Phelps, not only the former AMA but also a sitting MP, or used to be, not only did her wife become vaccine injured, but Dr Kerryn Phelps herself did, & she was silenced for over a year.. Mind you Australia has had creeping totalitarianism over a course of 15 years anyway. Just look at the surveillance laws that are even more far reaching than the US has. There are several whistle-blowers of state & corporate crimes that each face 160 years via a secret trial. But most chilling of all google the "identify & disrupt" powers that were passed in early 2020. That bill gives Chinese level surveillance & entrapment powers to be used against anybody the intelligence agencies see necessary & without warrant.. Trully fkd..

  9. I think at this point you have to have basically been living on another planet not to of had COVID 19. How much protección does the vaccine for alpha varient have to the current 7th or 8th mutation? Especially since everybody already had COVID.

  10. They know the bodies are starting to pile up and they can't silence it anymore so they're trying their best to get in front of it. Don't worry I straightened your politicians don't give a shit about you just like any other politicians in the world they knew what the Cure was and they also know that the Cure helps with the side effects of that damn poison vaccine but they're not going to offer it to you they're only going to give you lip service. Wake up Australians

    That text is exactly what the Dutch judges say to rule against those that report positive results on ivermectine: you are basically not allowed to publish anything against the vaccine, unless it is a peer reviewed published report.
    However publishing quatsch about ivermectin by the government is allowed.

  12. The question that must be asked is who is really or who was really running all. Covid including highly toxic injections? If one is running a military operation then new experimental medical treatments can forgo long-term studies and testing wake up world this is not what everybody thought

  13. Why mandates? Oh, right… BIG-PHARMA PROFITS! Sorry, I forgot what is really important to our lizard masters. Blessed be the lizard people and their authoritarian rule. /s

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