Australia Proves We Are Dangerously Close To CBDCs

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  1. A bank is no good with out customers. if all the customers withdrew their deposits, from that Australian bank you mentioned, to another bank.. they would go bust.. Power to the people .. the Pendulum will swing

  2. I really dislike the passive aggressive way they're doing all of this, hiding in plain sight. I was listening to Martin North and John Adams in Australia, banks are now asking customers if they want to be micro chipped for better use of their accounts. Deeply concerning.

  3. Look at what they're doing to the energy grid, if everyone is driving an EV, imagine how easy it is to force people to stay in place. No power = No driving, and people are much easier to control when stuck in place. You can't run away….

  4. I love that Governor Abbott, TX, has made regulations that disqualify the State doing any business with banks or investment houses (yes, this means YOU, Blackrock) that engage in any sort of 'ESG' investor activism or policies. His position (paraphrasing) They don't support our residents and businesses, so Texas is not going to give them any business. yay!

  5. The Socialist Empire of the United Kingdom has created a populace that depends upon the authority of government and therefore will do what they are told. The new Woke generation is the same. Will there be enough of us who will resist the takeover of our own country? I doubt it. It may already be too late.

  6. 11:45 Moody is non binary! Or gender fluid George! … Now where is it? Oh yeah…🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈
    Moody has a front row seat for the complete collapse of western civilisations. Lucky Moody.

  7. I was thinking about this recently George and we are already in a social credit system. Fiat currency is by its nature a social credit score in effect, once you have a social security system. It's just going to its logical conclusion with CBDCs. It's an evolution. Or a de-evolution. Another stage of collapse in civilisation. A very late phase.

  8. Yep. The kids are going to demand to be enslaved. Sad. Not all over the world though. I don't think it will be everuwhere. Ceryainly the western world and former English speaking wrld. Australia Canada, etc. China. Other places, some will escape. No idea where though.

  9. A better policy would be to give a better rate on renewable vehicles. This is a double edged sword because not only are they losing business to banks who will loan for that purpose, people will take their money out as retaliation.

    I’d even go as far as to say, what are they investing in? Is the bank even profitable or have they put skewed ethics ahead of being functional? Time will tell.

  10. Im guessing C BDC is going to foster an unbelievable underground alternative currency black market. I see a lot of people being potential marginalized outcasts with access to lots of goods or luxuries cut off. Sounds like prohibition 2.0 is coming.

  11. Australia is pretty woke country and being a compliant pleb here is rewarded
    We have a very urbanized society and the compliant "educated" suburbanites think they are saving the world when they put their plastic bottle in the recycling bin instead of the trash. Yes that's how the nanny state works here.

  12. I’m a single parent and terrified what is happening to my country (Australia) and what the future holds for my child! Sadly there’s still a lot of people that haven’t woken up yet to what is happening

  13. Ev owners most highest risk… look how much debt they go into for a car plus they proly have a real extravagant lifestyle and house debts too…. they have to have the latest and greatest tv and I phone… but they won't want to lend to someone w a 10 year old gas car that lives with in their means. And if they have kids well they gota have the same stuff their parents have a new ele car to go to high school

  14. Agreed. Though many people have become wealthy or more wealthy without due merit in the last 3 years,
    let alone the 50 before that. Simply knowing how much the sheer amount of QE would boost their stocks
    or nearly anything else, isn't really worthy of being called merit. A system capable of such stupidity needs
    more than just a reset..

  15. This will thrust on us… all plans are in place… they have had every wicked plan in place for ages…
    It's… WEF…. crap…. slavery… control…SERVALLENCE… EAT BUGS..OWN nothing.. and right us off….

  16. Article out there on Jalopnik, "European Researchers Find EVs Cause More Expensive Collisions and Do More Damage than ICE Vehicles" not everything might go to plan, there might be pushback like some European nations being forced to brush the cobwebs off of the coal fired power stations

  17. I just sent Bank Australia some fee feedback.. concerned that my socially responsible climate change aware loan for an Australian Postman's bike I am saving for may be rejected in 2025.
    They asked for an outcome..
    They got one.
    Told them that K Scwab was my hero and they must be too … they got all the fluffy photos of a perfect world on ther site.
    I deserve the loan because I don't exhale carbon… my farts aren't cow farts.. so they are OK…I don't identify as a cow .. today.. so happy they are woke like me… and pretty much told them to go fuck themselves.. communists.

  18. When I was 20 something I wanted to visit Australia. Now I have 0 interest in having anything to do with a country whose general populace has turned it into a 💩hole.
    30 years ago I did nazi that happening.

  19. Which banks get "paid back" is key. Independent banks/credit unions/lenders less likely to push the Marxist narrative will be allowed to fail after the governments run them ragged. The megacorp banksters don't need to turn a profit since they'll be bailed out annually if not weekly. The megacorps are the delivery system for the narrative. This is an economy run by and for the zombies.

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