Australia recorded 272 Vaccine Deaths and just ONE COVID Death in 2021 so far (January to June)

Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) has reported the following, which is not getting much coverage in the media (unbelievable, I know!)

So far in 2021 (from January 1 to June 28) there have been the following deaths reported (Source: TGA)

272 deaths following the vaccines in 2021

1 death deemed to be COVID-related in 2021

There have been a total of 910 COVID-related deaths through the entire pandemic. 909 occurred in 2020. Only 1 has occurred in 2021.

There have also been over 27,000 reports of side-effects from the vaccines.

Source: TGA

909 Total Deaths from COVID-19 as at 31 December 2020

Statistics last updated 31 December 2020 showing 909 deaths in total. Source:

Only 1 COVID-19 death from 1 January 2021 to 24 June 2021.

Statistics last updated 24 June 2021 showing 1 death between December 31, 2020, and June 24, 2021. Source:

FYI: MDPI has retracted the peer-reviewed piece, however, the authors were notified and do not agree.

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