Australia should never go into lockdown again

Written by Julian Hill MP


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  1. if a politicians lips are moving they are telling lies, labor will keep the scasmdemic going as long asa possible— why do you think andrews wants a communist covid bill????????????????

  2. ScoMo is a pathological liar but Labor are no better. Like the nurse in these comments asked, why aren’t you letting them speak? I saw the Queensland legislation that is a Labor Government threatening medical practitioners and enforcing the way they approach the pandemic. Let the medical practitioners make the best decision for their patients and Labor but out? If anything the Labor states were the worst when it came to the handling of the pandemic and if you had government over the country you’d happily sell us all out.

  3. I am safe thank you Sir. I work hard and consistently to make sure my OWN immune system does what it is supposed to do. If you wish to believe in an incalculable human experiment that you are now a part of, that appears to be literally hit and miss as to the outcomes for people, then great. However, I don’t understand why anyone is willing to be a lab rat for big drug companies, who have complete INDEMNITY, and don’t have a clue what your health will look like 12 months from your second dose, let alone 5 years from now. Bill Gates talked about dropping the population by 15% with NEW VACCINES. , and low and behold COVID and then wouldn’t you know it…A BRAND NEW U N T E S T E D “vaccine “, which by the way Webster’s Dictionary had to change the meaning of the word to cover it, and you all rolled up your sleeves and said ME FIRST!!! It’s not about your health and it never was. You have put your faith in a vaccine developed in 4-6 MONTHS…unless they had all of this ready to go, and this is the BIGGEST SCAM IN HUMAN HISTORY. One of the indemnified drug companies, is making $1000 a second, and you think this is about your health. THIS IS THE ONLY VACCINE EVER, THAT IF YOU REACT BADLY, THE MEDICAL ADVICE IS TO TAKE THE SECOND DOSE, WHEN YOU HAVE RECOVERED!!! WHAT DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND ABOUT FIRST DO NO HARM??????????????????????"???????????????????????????! Oh and one more thing…have long will this be bright and shiny to you when you have to be “jabbed” every SIX MONTHS?

  4. Not sure it's fair to blame the prime minister for the whole cock-up – by the 5th lockdown I was finding it very hard to be supportive BUT what happens NOW is what matters to me.
    Don't want to listen to government blaming eachother.

  5. We have an Australian vaccine. It's called Covax-19 which the Government has no interest in. So we ship it to Iran. It's not an mRNA vaccine either. It's protien based.

    Covid is endemic. Animals get covid. Pfizer makes no claims that their product leads to herd immunity.

    Now there's another varient, we can't make these faster than they adapt. You wanna be boosting people for the rest of their lives instead of promoting good health. We're gonna be eating Gov recommended diets such as ZONE and DASH while we outsource our health to an Industry that profits by managing (not curing) our illnesses.

    Then you blame the Prime Minister… Sure he's unreliable and lies, but he's a reflection of the people. Sheep follow whoever tells them what they want to hear. Gov cant protect us from Covid but we'll vote for whoever claims they can. Thats why it's still important for "the pandemic" to still exist. This endemic (pandemic) is a political oppotunity. Whoever can guess what the voters want to hear most wins.

    Welp… we'll have our due course. You'll point the finger at each other blaming whoevers in charge. We won't learn that really it's the system and the sheepish people who follow it who are at fault…

  6. Sorry mate but vaccines arnt the answer. Neither are lockdowns. You listen to scientists? Well if you listen to science you would know that the vaccines are not effective whatsoever. Look at the data in south africa. Vaccines should be a thing of the past by now, but nah listen to the science because the science are pfizer reps. Listen, we are sick of the lies. Everyone in parliaments a dip shit. None of yas have the ability to make your own decisions, all you do is follow. God, if only we had people in parliament who had a fkn spine and a brain.

  7. Ridiculous to abandon an effective tool in our pandemic toolbox.

    WA had a 4-day lockdown in June which stopped a one-case Bondi Delta incursion at eight cases.

    Lockdowns can be effective if they are applied FAIRLY and EQUALLY, and without propaganda from white supremacists in the US interfering with our national security and public health measures.

  8. Thank you Julian for raising ‘noone is safe until everyone is safe’. We must help to vaccinate those countries that aren’t wealthy enough and don’t have the infrastructure to vaccinate the bulk of their populations. Until we do we will be developing new strains. Theirs a crazy amount of variants that most people aren’t even aware of. And Scott Morrison brought Delta to Australia, knowing the population was unvaccinated and our state quarantine completely inadequate. It’s like he’s not taking on board information from other countries.
    Lockdowns no matter how maligned saves life’s while we don’t have adequate quarantine. I can’t even understand how the Feds can sit there doing nothing while states build their own quarantine. Especially when due to Federal inaction, our cobbled together quarantine had been shown to be inadequate.

  9. His “national borders aren’t open” and yet a full flight from africa just came in makes absolutely no sense. Plus parliament becomes worse then a kindergartens playground some times and it really needs to become alot more mature in general 😅

  10. Why the push for Mrna…
    Where's covax and Novavax…give people options
    Why more tyrannical restrictions Why can't people be responsible for their own health as we have been for centuries
    This is not about health but surveillance and power over people
    Scott Morrison is trying to provide a free democratic country not a regime
    We want less govt interference not more
    Like Chairman Dan destroying Victoria….what good has that done

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