Australia: The Great Bureaucracy

@ZubyMusic on what he notices in Australia: Bureaucracy. Lots of bureaucracy.

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  1. Australia is a combination of the UK / Europe + America. I came to Australia from the UK and I noticed straight away how the Aussies love their rules! I agree it is a bureaucratic country.

  2. The reason we have visas is because people have a tendency not to leave when they should. You need a visa to enter the US but there is a waiver for some countries including Australia but it must be for stays of less than 90 days and for tourism purposes only.

  3. Australia's number one innovation is creating a regulatory department out of an accident or misfortune. That department soon becomes so large that they continue to grow and expand with representatives reaching into parliament. It's disgusting. We have more workers in government than we do in the private sector.

  4. 0:44 you would also think when you arrive at UK customs in the airport you would see a line for Australia, but no it's UK citizens, European citizens and last which we fall in Others.

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