Australia to Pay France $500M Settlement Over US Nuclear Submarines

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Written by Richard Medhurst


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  2. Richard, you are wrong about the China military capabilities, Russia is way more advanced right now. China doesn’t have strategical aircraft capable of transporting nuclear heads, the submarine that have China are the old models of soviet submarines, same with military aircrafts. Don’t judge Russian capabilities just on the ucraine war. If Russia wanted to show all his power even nato couldn’t do much. What China is superior is the manpower, they have a huge military and a huge MLRS army, but in terms of antiaircraft and defensive radars they way inferior from Russia

  3. Australia is a vassal state of the United States. Its military is designed not for the defence of Australia, but to participate in America's foreign wars. The new PM Anthony Albanese (pronounced Alban-easy) is anti-nuclear, so he might end up cancelling the nuclear submarine program.

  4. Боже…западным миром руководят дураки и самоубийцы.🤦🏻‍♀️ Атомная подводная лодка это по факту присвоение стране ядерного потенциала. И как на это посмотрят Индия Пакистан, Китай и Россия? Австралию хотят сделать очередным жертвенным ягненком после Украины? Вы не забыли, что у нас есть ракеты "Посейдон" и мы больше не верим обещаниям ваших маньяков в правительствах западных стран?

  5. China will crush the UK this time around. China actually wants the UK to fire their first shot so they can revenge what they have done to China in the 19th Century. Go on UK.

  6. And never forget that China is nothing without energy, they are net importers of a lot of energy resources! You cannot afford a war if you are not autosuficient!

  7. Australia Paying out the A SS for weapons that won’t be ready for a decade or more. Or outdated tanks and other weapons when australia is an ISLAND 🏝.

  8. What's good for the goose is good for the gander. US is already shitting a brick over Russia coming to Nicaragua. Venezuala doing business with Iran. Just wait until someone from the Americas want some help from China.

  9. Resistance Axis? More like the REBELLION & The REVOLUTION.

  10. Nuclear powered submarines can stay submerged longer than diesel submarines where they have to surface once a day. 'Pivot to Asia' is the right term. Monroe Doctrine for US to dominate but other countries don't have to agree with that. AUKUS – Australia, UK & US creating a NATO version in Asia they even invited Japan to join. This is to contain China as it is a threat to US hegemony together with Russia.

    Just like 'days' follows the 'nights' and as the saying goes 'no empire survives the tides of history and the faith of each is to fall.' Last Century two great Empires collapsed quitely, the British Empire after the Suez Canal debacle in the 1950's and the Russian Empire in December 1991. The American Empire is on its last leg but it is going down thrashing and making lots of noises, trying to bring down the rest of the world.

    The conflict between China and US has been going-on for years as John Pilger stated years ago. The conflict between nuclear countries is dangerous. Hopefully common sense will prevail.

  11. Because the collective west(Whites supremacy) don't see others as equals so rules for thee and not for me.
    once people accept that then everything will be clear as day.

  12. I've never seen so much corruption so much lies and so much bullying in my life as the Americans and their little minions are a little minions they're little lap dogs let's go Russian let's go China crush him into submission

  13. response tonthe growing power of China… Their response should be CONCENTRATE ON THEIR COUNTRY CAUSE IT'S MESS!!!! THEY SHOULD IMPROVE THEIR COUNTRY THROUGH PEACEFUL MEASURES but naahhh it's the West's tradition of IMPERIALISM COLONIALISM F@SCISM

  14. China can send a few million soldiers to UK and Australia and they would quickly overtake these countries. Aukus appears to be about USA not having any real (un-coersed) friends. Bullies arent so brave when they are friendless.

  15. Opim wars and all the crimes of West in China and back then they even asked China for compensation… just like they keep soing, like stealing Afghans money for compensation… Compensation for their invasions amd colonialisms??? Gtfo

  16. Random person -"What's that over there?"

    USA- "That's America"

    Random person – "But what's that over there?"

    USA – "Wait!? We Need to Rain Freedom All Over That!"

    Random person – "Well that escalated quickly.."

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