Australia To Pay Reparations To “Stolen Generation”

The Australian government has announced that it will pay reparations to the victims of the genocidal programs that targeted the aboriginal people of the land they colonized.

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  1. FYI Canada actually taught Australia how to set up residential schools. Another part of our proud European heritage up North. ✨The more you know.. ✨
    OH and the "burning down churchs" has been caught be the press but burning down buildings in many of these communities isn't new. When you live amongst systematic oppression and all the baggage of destroyed culture people tend to be unhappy and unhealthy. People have been burning shit out of anger in the 70's, 80's and 90's but who cares right? Not like the MSM actually cares about the people or their plight. The government not going to say anything and they just send the murderous RCMP in their jack boots. That's why the RCMP was created (don't believe the rum runner nonsense, as if the government gave a shit about that). And lastly, generations of Canadians have been taught one racist lie after another about indigenous people. I am glad it's getting some attention now but if past experiences holds true, people will soon forget.
    It drives me nuts as a nurse to hear some old nurse telling the new South African doctors that they shouldn't treat native peoples pain because they "are all drug addicts and can handle the medication". The problem with telling that to a South African doctor is you are reinforcing the racist garbage they were raised with. So infuriating to watch "racism" past between one ignorant group of European decedents to another.
    People think I'm odd cause I openly admit I hope a major asteroid hit this planet before we poison the galaxy. ?‍♂️

  2. A lot of them are dead or dying. The numbers of people who will actually see money isn't that great, which obviously makes it easier to make this announcement.

  3. You could ask the leaders and elders what the people want but that would cut out the steering committees who do not put in the work to know.