Australia Trucker Strike? An0maly Interviews Australian Trucker From Brisbane To Give Perspective!

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  1. Australia are 25 millions strong, all they have to do is come together and fight these tyrannical systems. Theirs are more citizens then these fools trying to take over. Know your rights and know how to protect yourself.

  2. Aldi, is doing that about thw masks?! They are a tiny source of hope neare USA. They never made us wear em
    Here. Ever. One of the only stores that didn't Nazi is into submission. It's the only bigger store I use cuz of this. Walmart here isn't super bad
    But they do try to be. We just have cooler employees.

  3. I don’t think most people have any idea how fragile our every day essentials pipeline is. It’s amazing it’s work this well for this long and we haven’t had larger problems.

  4. i can tell you first hand that they will create false positives to "make an example" out of certain groups that oppose them. Happened to me personally

  5. I hope Canada follows. I remember when Japanese public bus drivers tried to get back instead of protesting they still drove their buses but told the public not to pay their fares on the bus. It works.

  6. This isn't about health, it's about controlling populations whilst the ruling class, corporations are making out like bandits. They are all out going for broke and are going to rob as much as they can, whilst they can. The huge property and luxury yacht markets etc are doing just fine right now. I heard that there has been the largest transfer of wealth to the top IN HISTORY in the last 18 months. It's a bank robbery and they are getting us to look the other way whist they commit their crimes.

  7. The Worlds Truckers need to organize! Very impressed with your guest and your search for truth! He was so right about not being fearful and this is nothing to be afraid of. To all those christians. Doesn't the bible say to only fear God? And what about the part of the mark of the Beast? So many christians folding is one of the biggest disappointments!

  8. Daniel Andrews eyes have that creepy hollowness in them like Paul Joseph Goebbels! God help save Australia & America from these evil tyrannical soulless men masquerading as leaders.

  9. Australia is not a sovereign state yet at same time it is…it is in the Austrian constitution…the catch phrase ‘prison colony.’
    Australia does not have a large population
    Australia has a vast amount of undeveloped land
    Australia has a vast amount of minerals and rare earth minerals
    Australia was founded as a prison and is returning to its prison origins…whom or what interests is/are behind this current situation for it has NOTHING to do with the virus for ITS THE WEALTH OF AUSTRALIA.

    Edit comparison regarding Australia is USA’s
    Corporate constitution of 1871

  10. This was so insightful and exciting – could really help make the shift we need to see. People have been too comfortable to do anything. Stop the flow of food, we get action. Thank you both for sharing ❤️✌️