Australia votes for Green socialism #AusPOL

#AusPOL #Election2022 #HeiseSays
Only one day and the Greens are already calling for Australia to end Coal and Gas. Do people know what they have voted for?


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  1. Yes they did and the sheep voted and the corrupt AEC made sure not to many minor parties got in All I can say let's see what happens in the next couple of years coz we're fuked

  2. We got the government we deserved. I think it will shape up as a Whitlam type of government. The Teals will be powerless, Labor will give them some wins just to make them think they achieved something. The Greens are the ones that control the government! Welcome to shutting down mining, soaring fuel prices, soaring inflation, soaring rents, soaring food prices, blackouts, massively increased government spending, handing over power to the New World Order. We are stuffed.

  3. Surprised? No, nothing surprises me after the last 2 years and honestly my respect for Australians in general has gone down. This result just validated all the Labour dictators behaviour. Aussies are okay with restrictions, segregation and sacrificing of personal freedoms for the "greater good". I can't believe Danistan voted overwhelmingly for Lab/Greens. Aussies don't value the concept of choice and freedom and its disgusting.

  4. With the devastating flop of minor parties it seems the only way forward is to join the LNP, especially with the more moderate members all losing this election

  5. Fundamentally the green revolution/climate activist train is ideologically driven like a religion. The younger generations are very partial to socialist policies.
    Socialism is the path to Communism.

  6. PS .Saw the writing on the wall in 2013, hence why I have built a house on 13 acres off-grid. Energy is required for everything you do and eat. Things are going to get really bad and sooner than you think.

  7. We could be a solar enegy superpower if we took a deep breath and said goodbye to 19th centure technology. Just do the maths. If if thats beyond you, listen to Mike Cannon Brooks or Elon Musk. They have also done the maths and it works out extremely well for us. Or. Stay in you bunker repeating the same mistruths as see what happens.

  8. The indoctrination of our young is working like a charm. They've all come out of secondary college being constantly taught that we're all doomed from climate change unless we "do something now". They used their first and second time votes to bring a pack of socialist green crazies into power thinking they're now gonna save the world. I've got news for all of them, you're gonna be very very sorry by the end of this three year Labor term.

  9. Flooding the market with resources just on the hope that we will have technology advances in the future is some of the dumbest things I've ever heard.

  10. Coal mining is what built this country and will keep Australia in decent economic shape as will ship it overseas. Aka China and Europe need it , this new green economy will fail

  11. Unless I am misinformed the Greens love Aussie govt subsidised solar farms with panels built with Chinese subsidised coal plants and rare minerals and slave minority Labour.
    Time to go nuclear.

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