Australia Vs Joe Rogan

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Written by Isaac Butterfield

Australian Comedian, New Videos Every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday


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  1. I’m so sick of people just hating people because of out of context clips, people that I know personally used to like Elon musk but now hate him because he’s pro free speech and peoples hatred for Jordan Peterson I will never ever understand the dude is the nicest guy ever and he cares so much about everyone. The worst thing about it to is that it’s people my age like eighteen year olds, I can only talk to my closest friends about Jordan Peterson and joe Rogan. Isaac I’d like to challenge you as the biggest joe Rogan dick rider

  2. "Right wing" is just the current othering language for people who identify as left. It just means "people I don't like" and has nothing to do with the target's political position or stated opinions. It's just the latest in a long string of terms that they use to direct hatred.

  3. this is what happens when somebody doesn't like you. they'll try and label you as a racist, homophobe, transphobe, right wing or something else just so their hate can cling onto something and so they can convince others to hate you too. I'm not a particular fan of the lady that wrote this story or the company that has employed her but you don't see me writing a slam piece about them because they hate free speech and are probably communists.

  4. Journalists: selling opinions as fact and convincing people to vote against their own interests, while condemning someone who sells conversations expressing ideas, claiming he's pushing misinformation and disinformation.
    I really hate journalists with a passion. First against the wall when the revolution comes.

  5. I also just love that the primary reason people who hate Rogan hate him is because he interviewed one of the medical experts who were consulted on how to deal with the pandemic. In these situations and emergencies, the government consults experts, and takes the consensus of the group. So you might get 4 plans of action, and they'll pick the one most agreed upon. Rogan interviewed one of the experts who's plan was not implemented. That's all that happened. He was curious as to what one of the other options was. An option offered by an expert in the field. That's not "misinformation", that's just the path not taken in a snap decision, going with the option that had the the majority of a small group in agreement. IF they had consulted a different selection of experts there was a fair to even chance they would have gone with that guy's plan.
    So now, you have all these people who are neither experts nor even remotely informed in the field, condemning a talk show host for talking to an actual expert who's plan wasn't chosen (by a government who also aren't experts in the field). That's all these angry unqualified people ultimately angry because some guy was just curious what a professional's opinion was and why he suggested something else.
    It's mental.

  6. 7:43 – it’s the “Don’t Say Straight Bill”, it wasn’t designed to stop teachers from discussing transformers, it was to stop teachers from discussing sex in elementary school, or for you backwards folk that live in an imaginary place that doesn’t exist called Australia, primary school: gay, straight, whatever.

    Teachers don’t need to be teaching 5 year olds about condoms.

  7. 1 thing You may have forgotten about Joe Rogan (The Fuckn Legend) is that one of his Daughters who he and his wife 'Adopted' is Black but Still fuckn Tool idiot Lefties call the Guy a Racist. Shows how much they know, Research their Topics or really care what is true instead of following the Tools they do. Keep it up Brother love it..
    🇦🇺👍🇦🇺👍 Lefties are ,💩🧠

  8. Well thank you for bring up a internet junk newspaper I have never heard of b4 until today and wouldn't give a $hit about in the future. Is it, by any chance connected to "The Pedestrian"?

  9. She hates Joe Rogan because he's a successful white man! That's all. To use Australian wording she's just an obnoxious Cunt! Wait Joe Rogan doesn't take credit for everything everybody else says… clutch my pearls… that's horrible

  10. 🇬🇧
    Talk about cherry picking data
    'Teachers in the Uk'🤣🤣🤣
    I'm & I'm a Radical Feminist & Leia, mate. Ya making Us Bad🤑🌚

  11. Fucken awesome big fella, hope Joe does watch this vid and does come to Oz he would be sweet as, especially with Adam.
    P.s Leah fuck you to the moon, shitting on Joe you have no clue

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