Australia You Are Being Watched

Isaac Butterfield is a Comedian from the great land of Australia.
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Written by Isaac Butterfield

Australian Comedian, New Videos Every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday


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  1. We are witnessing the greatest awakening of our time. People are finally seeing this shit show of a government and quesitoning where they've placed their power. ** Tin foil hats not necessary for awakening **

  2. Just watched Felix Rex…..on the fall of empires how fitting. Gunner is a total dipshit and Aunty Scott Morrison is no better. Oooooooo nasty words how horrible for snowflakes.

  3. Yet they still can’t keep all the kiddy porn off the internet? GTFO of here, this is an attack on our freedom. I’ll won’t be told what words I can and can’t say like some common 3yo!

  4. Can we just want all the people who agree and want true freedom, small governments and being happy just move and live together, and live in our own country and then send the rest of these crazy people to live together and make their own country and we can laugh at them as they all just ruin themselves. I say they can go to say, I don't know, China and Russia and the rest of us can live in oh, I don't know the US or who cares, just not where they are. and boom done, we will have the big guns, freedoms, meat, and happy lives while they basically just get offended and upset about every little thing and wither them selves to nothingness

  5. Government medical tyranny and mainstream media fearporn propaganda don't like intelligent people who do real research and won't bow to their lies. Support from Canada 🇨🇦, we have corrupt snowflake blackface TRUDEAU government ruining our country too. Worse yet are the uneducated people giving this experimental ineffective unnecessary multiple never ending jabs to their children, shame on them.

  6. You are only a "troll" if you turn to stone when exposed to sunlight, it is also said that when lies are brought to light that they also fall apart. Does that make sun bathers the truth Sayers !?!

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