Australian COVID-19 Numbers Skyrocket – Will Lockdowns Return?

#AusPOL #Covid-19 #HeiseSays
As Covid-19 numbers skyrocket in Australia, calls are being made to reintroduce lockdowns and restrictions.


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#AusPOL #COVID19 #HeiseSays
Australian COVID-19 numbers surge, will Lockdowns return?

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  1. Please comment about the Aborigines getting forced into these covid concentration camps.Australian government worse than nartzees.. so insulting to have them as our neighbours across the ditch.

  2. I just got a message back saying that I tested positive for Covid 19, guess what guys, I survived and currently drinking bulk piss on New Years Eve. If you can survive man flu you can survive this

  3. The middle class are not broke yet.. It will continue until they’re mortgage defaults and interest rates increase substantially.
    Then we’ll own nothing and UBL will keep us happy.

    The Socialists are buried deeper in the Australian economy than a scrub tick…

  4. They have now moved back to the herd immunity model that was in place to use should a pandemic ever occur. This is where we should have been at after the first two weeks of lockdown in March 2020, instead politicians and health bureaucrats knew better and dumped it. Now all we have a destroyed economy to show for it.

  5. This whole article reads like it's written by some lobbying group. They're acting like Ostriches with their heads in the sand and ignoring the information already known from South Africa and Denmark like you said!

  6. I wonder what would happen if we cycled PCR tests past 40+ cycles.. and counted all deaths of people having a + PCR test (40+ cycles) within the past x days as having died of covid.. and inflated every stat possible.. test healthy people.. etc

    What would happen if we widely deployed a leaky "vx" in the middle of a pdemic w/ high infectious pressure in the community.. w/ a partial coverage epitope.. that causes a non-sterilizing immune response.. against a virus that already has widespread mutations emerging?

    A load of bull…. is what. Never ending mutations due to the non-sterilizing ab focused on narrow areas of a highly mutating virus. Which happens to be mutating in those same areas the "vx" induced ab bind to.

    Mate, it's not the vx that is keeping the death rate low. Seriously.

    The moronic mutation genetically pre-dates the current mutations (eg. delta). This is highly likely to be an engineered attenuated form. It's also most likely the end of this pdemic if we simply let it run it's course. When moron takes over it's not the virus we need to be concerned about. It's the waning "vx" induced ab and other related long term consequences of the injections.

    The mass formation the media fear campaign has created is out of control. People really need to get a grip on reality, turn of their tvs and do some research.

  7. Those daily reports are now hiding `new cases aquired overseas' and `total accumulated deaths'. As for overloadiing ICU. New Zealand is already considering euthenasia for terminal cases. (foot in the door) wait for it. Sorry sir your wife is expected to tie up an ICU unit for 6 months. Here is a body bag and soylent green, chocky favoured drink.
    The efn experts have been forking up covild from scratch and lieing their heads off.

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