Australian COVID Tyranny is Nuts

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  1. It's not about forcing you to get a vaccine, it's about forcing you to get an ID card.
    They will force you to get the ID card regardless of whether or not you get the vaccine.

  2. Why are all the world's governments trying to coerce and incentives getting the covid shot for free mind you but things like insulin aren't free for public health

  3. I am reminded hearing Tom Cruise screaming at his staff about wearing masks etc on a film set or they are fired.
    It's truly horrible to watch elitists take over the world and idiots wagging their tails and bending over asking to be tyrannised

  4. The cool fact the fear porn clip is complete bs as severe patients are sedated while on a vent. Nurses have to constantly roll them over, as to prevent bedsores and other diseases.

  5. 0:26 Cruise n Becks sat apart when the match was on, TV cameras rolling, then when they're off… damn, I heard Cruise was a bastard to his staff so didn't expect him to do anything different, just annoyed that it's as soon as the TV cams are off they're all jumping up to the box to be best buddies. Do the honest thing and sit there on TV, no one intelligent expects the celebrity class to be upstanding and honest, let alone normal. No one will be overly surprised or betrayed, apart from the dimwitted numbskulls who mask n visor up like it's the black death, not yet, Wuhan Institute of Virology ain't got that far yet.

  6. These people love fuelling antivaxxer conspiracy theories, the amount and the way they’ve been absolutely pushing this vaccination is really suspicious.

    I’m not an anti -Vax, I’ve already gotten the vaccine, but all this news about how the government is forcing people to have the injection otherwise they can’t participate in society rubs me the wrong way.

    From the songs, to praising the exposed liar Fauci (who is the highest paid gov official), it’s really dystopian

    Edit: especially considering how the vaccine doesn’t prevent you from spreading it, only suffering from it.
    If it is a personal decision to not get the vaccine, that is your decision as the only person who will suffer is yourself. The gov shouldn’t be able to do this

  7. That woman was breathing remarkably well for someone with a respiratory infection. Could it be that the people making the ad cant be bothered to get good actors?

  8. D E A T H   T O   N E O M A R X I S M  !
    D E A T H   T O   G L O B A L I S M  !
    D E A T H T O T H E D E E P S T A T E !
    D E A T H   T O   A L L   T Y R A N T S  !

  9. I was pretty much forced into a position where I have to take these jabs, my job was at risk and my family eats up everything there told so I could potentially not get to see my nephew who was born during the lockdown. I could of just lied about getting the jabs but I know damn well those vacancie passports are coming. Where in a position where they have the power over the bigger junk of the public, our jobs and families so we have to get dragged with the tide and I fucking hate it.

  10. The only reason this is happening is:

    A – The country leaders and pharmaceutical companies who push for that make a STUPENDOUS amount of money off of the vaccines.

    B – MASSIVE wealth relocation from the middle to the upper class.

  11. I've said this all along people die from vaccines all the time there just not reported that much the way there pushing this and the fact it doesn't stop you getting covid seems to me this is more about money and power

  12. If we base that in statistics, we should consider traffic accidents and the use of vehicles, smoking (both cigarettes AND marijuana), drinking alcohol, extreme sports, fatty and sugary foods like coca colas and cakes and so on and so forth. Should the government make these illegal as well? Because I'm sure a lot of them have higher death rates than covid.

  13. Wearing a mask over your mouth and nose does not protect your eyes. Everyone just needs to wear a fully enclosed gas mask (lol) at all times.

  14. New Zealander here… I took a bus yesterday into Auckland and there was this old couple who were telling people who weren't wearing masks to sit downstairs, away from them. The bus was pretty much packed and most people, wore a mask anyway out of habit from when it was enforced.

    New Zealand has been pretty much entirely covid free all year… we've had a TOTAL of 26 deaths and the majority of people I know are getting vaccinated… when does this thing get demoted to just another virus because even with all of this going on I've seen people happily going to work sick with 'just a cold' and nobody thinks anything of it.

  15. i can imagine Boris and pals being driven down the road and saying to each other "isn't it nice without all the traffic? Lets keep them locked up longer!"

  16. That government stooge was Lieing through his Teeth!
    Just * Look* at his body language. He couldn't stand still, could NOT make eye contact with the camera, and stammered "Uhm" at least a Dozen times! in that short clip.

  17. That government stooge was Lieing through his Teeth!
    Just * Look* at his body language. He couldn't stand still, could NOT make eye contact with the camera, and stammered "Uhm" at least a Dozen times! in that short clip.

  18. I don't comment often but I'm an ICU nurse and have worked with these exact patients. I have NEVER seen someone breathing like that with that kind of nasal canula in their nose. It just doesn't happen. If they were, they'd be dead in minutes. What a fucking lie.

  19. Unfortunately the social sickness is spreading from communist Victoria and orwellian New Zealand to the rest of Australia.

    Covid is a social disease, and physical symptoms are distinctly secondary.

  20. The moment the discourse switched from 'rolling out a vax to save lives' to 'how can we coerce people into taking it' I decided not to take it. THEY WILL HAVE TO FORCE IT INTO MY ARM, but at least then i'll know what world I really live in.

  21. How about a "Snakes for Snakes distributing Snake Oil" initiative? All the bureaucrats and pharma execs can have random reptiles left in their vehicles. If you just break their windows and let the mice in, it'll happen anyway.

  22. As usual, whenever very valid stats are bought up the authorities and media just fire Long Covid back as a response. Also, I've seen health professionals point out that the video of the woman panicking and struggling to breathe is not at all accurate when compared to what happens to covid patients in ICU.