Australian Culture: Authoritarian

Here we examined the latent authoritarian culture in Australia. What is it and why do we have it?

This is a segment from a full interview available at:

Dr Brendan Moloney is an expert in the formation and life cycle of cults, and explained the similarities in a wide ranging interview on parallel economies, parallel societies and parallel academic institutions.


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Written by Discernable


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  1. Australian in Brisbane sees Australian in Melbourne being shot by government and asks "will this make my house worth more?" Abos being imprisoned for not having covid. "Well I'm not an abo"
    It's disgusting.

  2. This guy is actually distilling much of what I disliked about Australia (having been born and bred there). It is a superficial and intellectually lazy monoculture. I didn’t love it so I left!

    A side note, I always knew Australia was capable of this sort of authoritarianism as I already thought it was a silly nanny state before all this.

  3. I have always been a law abiding, honest, hard working, tax paying citizen, i have been in trouble with the law, yesterday i was denied access at Bunnings, i felt judged and like i was a criminal of some sort, as i am not yet fully vaxed. This is segregation by vaccination. Why were at 90 percent vaxed. How is that it is now law i cannot even enter a store, wearing a mask, checking in with qr code. This state has gone to krap, and i cannot understand that people support this, this state government has successfully devided us, now hes after the unvaxed, who is next on his list? He is a narcasist, now i have a better understanding of what the jewish population must have felt during ww2 with Hitlers ideology and actions. next law to introduce is no protesting against this government.

  4. I am biased towards thinking that it has largely to do with the schooling system and a fearfulness of expression. "Just do what you're told" could be considered the Australian catch phrase as introduced by the public schooling system.

  5. NAZI RULE. The Australian Government is following the Nazi Play Book. First the Government Disarmed the Public and now COVID has given the Government the opening to keep them of the streets and control the publics FREEDOM OF SPEECH. The people are being treated like sheep.

  6. What struck me when I first came to Australia was all the kids going to school in uniforms, military style uniforms. Everyone said "that's because kids would compete with designed labels, and the poor kids would miss out". A bit of shipping of bulls there. These days it's more relaxed, polo shirts and shorts in summer, long pants and jumpers in winter. But still military. Lots of other small things too, police always aggressive (they don't like bike riders), ridiculous rules for "public safety". Every year more stupid rules. Visible to all now are the major parties with exactly the same principles, and illusion of choice with the 2 part preferred election system. In reality a corporatocracy, we are now ruled by pharmaceutical companies greasing their way into our veins through consecutive sell our governments all doing the same dance. Selling their own citizens down the toilet. Kyoto, Paris, Copenhagen every attempt is now being made by the UN to interface directly with LOCAL COUNCILS !!!!. Asleep at the wheel no longer.

  7. I remember 10yrs ago taking a cab I brought up this subject me and him both agreed Australians try to project this image as tough but how we can let the government get away with so much stuff really goes to show we are a gutless nation other nations at least riot not us we like to whine.

  8. Both major parties, during their last two election campaigns, preached about the importance of increasing police numbers. Nobody was to know that the massive recruitments that followed would screen for the lowest common denominator – not hyperbole. The evils that police have committed can only be attributed to a body of individuals recruited specifically to inflict a planned campaign of violence and an oppressive suffering. If the Liberals had won that election, history would be no different. The police you see today are not police as we have understood them to be in the past.

  9. What a crock. You can't blame a society for following a social construct that was created by the state and carried by powerful influencer's who have silenced any form of challenge. Australian's know nothing about this disease, no more than they know anything about these vaccines. To peddle the spin as news or being informative against a back drop of science that has been silenced. Scientists raising a lot of red flags as to the threats caused by this human intervention, the numbers are mounting. Its akin to claiming a lemon is a sweet orange. When Australian's finally wake up to the government media social constructs it's not going to be pretty. Let's pray the Omicron is a signal the viruses evolution is stronger that the mess created by these interventions and at last itsy all over.

  10. I think it has more to do with compulsory voting then people actually wanting more authoritarianism, it’s the only reason those ridiculous small parties got in like the animal justice party and the reason party that are just another arm of the greens/labor parties

  11. Aussie culture has gone from being easy going when I was growing up to 100% authoritarian. But this 2 stage economy is impacting small business massively. I was in Ballarat yesterday and nearly all small shops were crying out for workers, or couldn’t open every day due to lack of staff. This is definitely due to kids in the 15 to 16 yo age bracket not being vaxxed.

  12. What I find living here in Melbourne Australia is that the general public like the idea of "authorities" taking out the "bad guys". What they don't realise is that when "authorities" are allowed to infringe on our human and civil rights, the everyone in the general public become fair game to be the "bad guys" who will be taken out.

  13. The majority of Australians
    are just plain Aperthetic. A "She'll be right mate " mentality that has been purposely instilled by media and education.
    The response I get to questions about what is happening to our freedoms is:- I Don't Care !
    That reply Says it All.

  14. Family law court prime example people where happy to lot kid be destroyed and no outrage it seems the people only care when it affects them it's a bit to late to be crying now. right wack

  15. I don’t think we are addicted,
    I’m 71.. it’s the younger generations that did not grow up with parents who went to war or at least went through the war years
    The problem with much of this talking … especially on this show.,, you talk to people who are all of the same “thinking”.
    The generations after mine grew up with too much
    Of everything., they have an entitled mentality,, and I include
    My own children in that
    They do not ask: Can I go to Uni., they expect to go to
    They care about their coffee machines, their gym classes, their designer dogs, their yoga mats, designer clothes, influencers, holidays and careers. That it!!
    I’ve got degrees in Education, and Sociology and Psych but you would never see a person of my age on a TV show..
    So you get a warped view of how we got here!

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