Australian dollar at risk of increased volatility

The Australian dollar is facing pressure from rising interest rates and China’s lockdowns, which are reducing economic demand for Australia’s resources.

“What we’ve been looking at is we’ve got an unusually large amount of Aussie being bought from the conversion of mining company dividends,” Westpac Senior Currency Strategist Sean Callow told Sky News Australia.

“Because our yields have been rising as well, in terms of the spreads between the Aussie and other currencies it’s held roughly steady against other currencies.”


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  1. If our economy was so good like these lying sh$ts keep saying, then our dollar would be riding high. The reality is that our currency if f'ed, due to gross incompetence and greed..

  2. The Australian dollar is probably worth two u.s dollars and that’s being kind.unfortunately Australia will find itself on the wrong side of history and be a third world country like the United States.

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