Australian economy STARTING TO FALL APART

An urgent meeting of state treasurers will be held in Brisbane, convened by Federal Treasurer Jim Chalmers

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  1. People had better understand that the sabotage of the economy will reduce the nation to ruins.The true reset will start from there.The new order of things depends on using chaos and people's desire for some semblance of normality.

  2. They will be in there patting each other on the backside and phoning DADDY KLAUS..yippy we are destroying the lives of Australians..
    Madness complete insanity…I'm fking furious with these evil turds..

  3. Funny how this economy situation here is happening worldwide and yet the complying sheep still cannot see it. Wake up soon or we are all gone.

  4. GTV, hi.

    I want to get gold and silver. What's the best recommended place for this? I don't want to lose my life savings for the foreseeable future.

  5. They won't be discussing the rising cost of living, they won't be discussing interest rates. They couldn't care less about these, and couldn't do anything about them anyway. They'll most likely be discussing what's happening in China at the moment in regards to banks seizing depositors' cash, and blaming 'internal system upgrades'. Remember at the start of the health crisis when we watched China being locked down, and thinking 'gee, that'd never happen here'…….

  6. And we sit and complain, the citizens of Australia voted for the powers that Shouldn't be! And what is worse we sit and wait for the Billy to boil but, the bottom of the Billy has been burnt out for years and we haven't noticed!

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