Australian Government Kills Dogs For No Reason


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  1. nobody tell nsw that killing people infected with covid will help slow the spread, they might get some bad ideas.

  2. There is a roomer that the dogs were shot because they had been seen by hidden camera, after the humans had left, to be throwing each other nazi salutes and the management was afraid they were planning a canine revolt.

  3. "How could they have allowed people to be rounded up and sent off to concentration camps?" Was a common question less than 3 years ago. Clearly just say its for public health, and you'll EASILY have enough people on your side.

  4. I am a proud Australian, I love my country and the people in it. Australians are laid-back people, we are, we joke and we laugh. Until we are not, then we riot… im too old now, but i have seen it many times…. we go from "Its all good mate!" to "RIGHT, F*CK THIS SH1T" and when that happens… its never beautiful. It was ok with the masks and the sign in, it was ok with the "Please stay home" but thats turned to the police chief asking people to dob in anyone who goes out. We have to wear masks walking down the street alone. $5,000 fines if you dont have your mask on. Everything is broken and the beer is running out, my bottlo was empty 2 days ago. Thats due to covid apparently and the smart ass c^nt behind the counter said to me "its a logistics issue if you dont like it go to Dan Murphys." (another bottlo) and thats outside my 5km travel restriction radius and could incur a $5,000 fine and she fu3king knows it. Im angry, We have a rescue dog named Archie, he's a mutt and hes beautiful… why did they have to kill the pups? I would have taken all those dogs over having them shot…. If i didnt have 2 young kids now i would go postal. My wife has asked me to stop. I love her, but i am in tears im so mad. You watch how this ends, I love my country but fear my government.

  5. Instead of saying "hey, you cant right now because of our retarded lockdown" (at least that would make sense somewhat) or "hey make sure you follow these regulations so that you can get your dog – like don't let them roam, keep them in your house just like a person during lockdown". no instead lets just SHOOT these animals for literally no reason at all with no attempt to find another conclusion. good luck my aussie brothers. have fun with your boog. fuck these guys.

  6. This virus has given cover to murder and the most heinous human rights abuses of our lifetimes, and Aussie's are going to learn just how monstrous they can become over the next few weeks/months because we've had enough of this horseshit.

  7. This is no where on YouTube, I've tried looking it up in multiple different ways and only one of the videos talks about this, the rest of garbage! Unreal

  8. No dog should ever be shot dead …unless it's an actual NAZI.

    All kidding aside though. How the hell did an Australian get a gun?

  9. Paging John Wick
    "The only reason a government would want to disarm their law abiding citizens is because that government is planning to do things that LAW ABIDING citizens would want to SHOOT them over [and rightly so]" – Me

  10. There's a guy from my area who was jailed for starving two dogs to death through negligence. Once the inmates heard about it he had to be moved for his own safety, but someone managed to shank him in solitary. Apparently cruelty to animals is just as bad as kiddy fiddling or rape in the big house.

  11. Here's the fucked thing, I've actually been considering taking another rescue dog because my first one needs a buddy.

    Why kill these dogs?? This one breaks my heart. If only we could shoot the Govt over covid fears ???

  12. Conquest of the Planet of the Apes: 
    North America, 1991; following a pandemic from a space-borne disease that wiped out all dogs and cats in 1983, the government has become a series of police states that took apes as pets before establishing a culture based on ape slave labor.

  13. Im an aussie, im in the process of buying a sail boat so i can illegaly flee my country. My end destination will be ukraine. Thats how bad it is here.