Australian Government Will Pledge Support To Ukraine For As Long As Necessary…

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  1. None of the dumb funks ever asked me or my friends to send money to a war we have no interest in. Funk the WEF. Funk the WHO. Funk any Australian politician that betrays Australian princiipals

  2. It is already known that it is going to fail but we are the simp's of the usa and we will keep sending money through the ukarine and then the money will go to the usa for weapons.
    Blame the very people who keep voting for the 2 major parties , it does not matter what one is in because they do not work for you but for the usa.

  3. They just love throwing around the term "rules based order." But what the hell does that even mean? What are these rules? Who made them? And why does it cost billions of dollars and countless human lives to protect these so called rules that nobody was told about or even knows what they are? If the meaning of these so called rules are that no country shall invade another, then I've got bad news, because America has violated those rules more than any other country in the world. In fact, America made up blatant lies such as Iraq having weapons of mass destruction, as a basis to justify an invasion. So again, what in the hell is this so called rules based order? Why are these vague and arbitrary rules worth destroying the economies and energy security of Western Europe over? Why is it worth countless billions of dollars and human casualties? Why is it worth risking the possibility of a global nuclear conflict over? It simply doesn't make any sense. If we are being asked to bankrupt our economies and risk global nuclear conflict for a bunch of rules that nobody can explain, then to that I say f×ck the rules based order! Go Russia! Go Putin! We love you!

  4. These wars and the measures required to waste trillions of dollars on the great Climate Hoax are siphoning our sovereignty away like a hole in a dam. Another pandemic and a financial crash to boot, should just about do it and then the BIS will be closing our mortgage. I wonder what the going price is for a clapped out island with no energy generators and a Woke government? What ever it is, I'm sure we won't have the money to pay for it when the BIS come to foreclose! We can only borrow and print so much money before unconditionally surrendering to the WEF.

  5. All wars are bankers wars, bankers run the place, and the plebs have no idea cause they’re too busy fighting each other of the 2 puppets they put in place.
    When the rest of the world finally wakes up to this (only cause it’s been going on since 1835, then… maybe we can change things)
    The world is abundant and you’re taught it’s not… slave.

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