Australian Govt Concealed Vaccine Myocarditis Deaths. Cited Concern over “Vaccine Hesitancy’

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Buried among the weeds in the news, is an emerging story, about an Freedom of Information (FOI) request by Dr. Melissa McCann In Australia. The Documents obtained revealed that the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) led by Dr. John Skerritt, apparently had hidden from public view, a number of vaccine related deaths, including a couple of children among the deceased.

Watch the MP Russel Broadbent video asking “Where’s the TGA’s transparency?” here |

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  1. Excellent commentating. I follow yiu although I reside in UK.
    The situation regarding all aspects of the covid vaccinations, is the same wherever we live. Silencing from the government's and medical establishments is the same everywhere unfortunately. Keep exposing, great listening.

  2. Please tell me how "consultation with the families of the deceased was not considered appropriate", is not inappropriate? Is it not in the best interests of society to expose threat to the general population, rather than being perceived as rude?

  3. I was injured. I had the two Pfizer jabs, I got Vertigo, from the first one & the 2nd one was my heart was racing & my left arm went cold & where they injected the jab it was sore . Burning sensation down my front legs & the right one is worse . I will never take another vaccine in my life , thanks to the fake Government

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