Australian Hospitals Gifted to the Caymans

Private equity vultures KKR are close to pitching a $20bn takeover bid for Australia’s largest private healthcare group, Ramsay Health Care which could see most of Australia’s private health system being controlled in foreign tax havens.

The Story:


Written by The West Report


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  1. I've finally realised how to make it through Michael's videos…. 1.25 speed. I'm here for the quality journalism & important content, but the slow delivery ….& ….. pauses kill me, they really do. Luckily, his voice is deep enough that a slightly faster speed sounds ok.

  2. What do you expect from our Westminster clownshow?

    Quantitative population growth to fuel a creditbubble that caused a speculative mania. All those who cheered it on deserve the fruits of their own ideological poison.

    Enjoy slaving away just to breed up fodder for Duttons future China wars.

    This is a circus of halfbrain morons leading quarter-teaspoon brained sheep into a meat mincer for corporate fascists benefit.

    Dumber than building over flood plains for over 200yrs and continuing to do so…

  3. Sounds like a number of government officials need to hang… by their testicles.
    The corruption runs to the core. We don't need a new government, nothing changed when Albo took over (other than his first act as PM: heeling to US imperialism), we need to wipe the slate clean and start over again with a system other than capitalism.

  4. seriously, is there anything left of the common wealth in this country ? what do these incompetent corrupt politicians have left to give away to foreign multinationals and predatory investment cartels ? it seems to me that australia is practically fully ASSET STRIPPED at this stage and there is nothing left for current or future generations to hold on to. what a nation of greedy, ignorant, unimaginative small minded people with no long term vision. or at least those are the traits that "so called" leaders of this country exhibit more than anything else in my opinion.

  5. profits over people
    the Greedy and corrupt
    have destroyed everything worth living for !
    so now lets just deregulate everything we can possibly think of ,
    oh the irony of how the creators of this nonsense end up suffering from their own monster.

  6. Everytime someone points to Nuclear power and how Australia 'needs' it I just point to stories like this and ask them, what happens to the Nuclear power station when it's run like these privatized companies?

  7. We are being ruled , by TRAITORS. We have had our "Flag Of Stars" cast aside! Nope, I am gunna get it re-flown, as OUR COUNTRY'S BELOVED FLAG.
    Our ONLY FLAG.

  8. Michael the years that created the great sell-off of Australia's largest public & private owned business operations happen to coincide with the years the Lib/Nat party government was the foolishly elected leadership government in Australia, as far back as the era of the most treacherous Prime Minister, J W Howard, 1996.
    Where has that money from these sales ended up, as I don't believe Australia is better off financially as a result?

  9. Like anyone needs Aussie hospitals run by American so called health care providers American's don't either its bad enough that state & federal governments keep selling public owned & paid for assets never mind our health care ffs to American companies too may as well sell Medicare to Yemen or Iraqi governments lol..sort of😆

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