Australian Housing Is Broken!

The proportion of Australians who own their home outright has halved over two decades for most age groups while the proportion of people with mortgages in retirement years has tripled.

Data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics shows that outright home ownership has more than halved for 25 to 54-year-olds between 2001 and 2021. At the same time, the number of mortgage holders and renters across all age groups has ballooned.

The number of Australians who own their homes outright has plummeted over the last 20 years.

The proportion of Australians who completely own their property has fallen by 11 percentage points according to the latest census data.
According to the recent Census data, which counted 25,422,788 Australians the proportion of Australians who own a home outright dropped from 41.6 per cent in 1996 to 31 per cent in 2021.

The same data also noted that, over the last 25 years, the number of Australians who owned a home with a mortgage also doubled, rising by 96.8 per cent.

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  1. The government is going to import more hundred's of thousands of migrants every year, as per usual and it will subsidise people buying homes with more tax dollars.
    The government subsidising of the business world is the problem. The government is the problem.

  2. Many Australians probably want there to be a Housing Crisis bc they are investors, or think they benefit in other ways, and they are greedy. It is a terrible system. There could be a Referendum on Housing Policy that doesn;t come in until 2045.

  3. Many creatures on Earth build a shelter, nest, warren, hive. Except us humans…we need building permits and building codes. We think a set of rules will protect us from Darwinism…I can’t build an eco friendly earth ship alongside my neighbour’s Mac Mansion. The municipalities of Australia may regret their hubris.

  4. That Stat on Mortgage Holders In-Retirement, is Frightening, Martin….Unbelievable really, but people must be extending the Life of The Mortgage and not caring about paying it off in their lifetime….Oh well, such is life, eh Martin….Cheers from Damo.😊

  5. A correction Martin. You purchase a home, You rent a house. There is still a big difference for most people in Australia. The future generations will look back at this era and despise those who have purchased residential houses in metropolitan areas for investment purposes only. Debt is now creating the next form of underclass for the greedy.

  6. MODERN DAY SLAVERY ,is far simpler than previous times , we now even volunteer to pay for the ball and chain , because we think it s a BIG SCREEN which fits in nicely to our LARGE ENTERTAIMENT MEDIA ROOM IN THE BANKS [ SLAVE OWNER ] MILLION DOLLAR DREAM HOME

  7. Sure housing is expensive to the point of being soul crushing, but the damage to our nations economic growth and width has torn the heart out of this nation and we have been running on bypass for decades.

  8. "Housing affordability is an issuet hat remains unaddressed by state and fed govts" says REIA. Why does the estate agents union think this is a govt problem? It's a market, it should self regulate. Although if the Feds stopped ALL IMMIGRATION znd set the RBZ rate at the inflation rate … 10%? … that might help sort it.

  9. Greatly reduce the amount of welfare, handouts and the size of grubberments, and their programs and interventions and the less tax we will have to pay.
    Eliminating personal income tax and increasing GST or the like will greatly boost the economy,
    Punished for what you buy, not what you earn.
    It is backwards.
    Should be able to run the entire country on 10% tax
    3% federal.
    3% state.
    4% local.


  10. Absolutely unacceptable indeed. A 1st world nation who can’t even accommodate its people anymore! What a complete and utter failure this disastrous mix of crony-capitalism and a psychotic ideology propagated by the boomers that house ownership is the only achievement in life, no matter the debt burden. And guess who’s won again, boomers of course. Aimlessly walking around Bunnings or jostling for a seat at the cafe day in day out or running some body corporate like a Nazi, while grandkids are in daycare everyday and the country’s slowly gone to hell. The sheer weighted numbers of boomers and their collective attitude/voting influence has contributed enormously to the horrific mess we find ourselves in.

  11. 8:15
    AND all the extra cash handed over to banks by mortgagees obviously CANNOT be spent on goods and services in the broader economy (due to mortgagees reduced marginal propensity to consume )
    this is also true of renters paying increased sums to landlord to cover her increased debt burden.

  12. Stop all immigration. The breeding rate in Oz is 1.6 per couple so we SHOULD be seeing a decreasing population … and an excess of homes for sale at reducing prices. But the LNP started this immigration ponzi scheme … and Albo needs to stop it.

  13. Aussie housing market is a $9 Trillion house of cards.Housing Sector valuation increased 420% in 25 years !(ref Corelogic) as compared to ASX of137% and wages over 20 years of only 79%. While the Number of dwellings has matched the pop increase over 20 years (both increasing around 37%) the big change is "investor owned" which soared to over 50% (in 2015 the height of the Chinese boom) The fact that there is little regulation of who owns what also suggests that valuation is swollen because of corrupt money laundering cycling into the Real Estate market( see Pandora Papers).

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