Australian man distressed by vaccine mandates sets himself and car on fire in Victoria.

It is being reported that another Victorian has set themselves and their car on fire, this time in Richmond. Eyewitness accounts obtained by the Herald Sun from people that helped the burning man indicate he was distressed by vaccine mandates.

“He poured gas on himself and on his car. It was on purpose,” Ms O’Connor said.

“He was screaming about mandates,” she said.”

“He was screaming: no vax ID and throwing books.”

From these witness statements alone, it’s clear that this incident is partly or completely due to the distress and mental harm caused by our State government’s discriminatory vaccine mandates.

Our State & Federal leadership should be ashamed of normalising these practices of discrimination and segregation, especially through the use of coercion by denying individuals the ability to earn a living and participate in society. Now that these questionable methods have helped achieve high rates of vaccination, should it be acceptable to continue these practices to ensure booster uptake remains high?

In my opinion, we must abolish these divisive mandates, and demand accountability from those that continue to champion them without regard for the harm being done to the welfare of all Victorians.

Source: Matt D / FB / Herald Sun

Lifeline: 13 11 14 or

Beyond Blue: 1300 22 4636 or

Beyond Blue’s coronavirus support service: 1800 512 348 or

Kids Helpline: 1800 55 1800 or

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Written by Real Rukshan


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  1. Absolutely heartbreaking. It's beyond inhumane how folks have turned on one another because of Dan Andrews and his cronies. I hope support services, that is what is left of them after countless lock downs can help this man if he survives and his family.

  2. yea disgraceful much blood on government hands, all mandates around the country should and must end not a day later but now it's tearing the heart of this once great nation the corruption of all governments are coming to light.
    Do you know why government is named govern mental ?
    it's to govern your mind wake up

  3. Just yesterday had a FB friend post asking those of us un vaxxed (she says anti vaxers) to remove ourselves from her news feed. I said goodbye and she is now my EX sister in law. Ex hubby is dead, so I dont give a crap. Im so lucky to be poor and used to going without. Ive already adapted years ago. I gave up trying to get ahead. My heart bleeds for everyone losing that hope and dream they were following. Politicians gave themselves pay rises while others suffered. Shame on them.

  4. Well, to all those who say that the Victorian government, and/or the Commonwealth government are responsible, you’re absolutely RIGHT!


    There’s another group of people responsible here. Another group who must share the blame for every single one of these tragic stories of people so distraught that their lives being destroyed simply because of a choice they made about their medical health.

    That other group of people is made up of all those Australians who have NOT stood up for these people’s right to be free. All those who self-righteously condemn, mock, and even vilify these people who have had the integrity to hold onto their convictions. ALL the people who have just ‘gine along to get along’, yet deserted these people who have lost the ability to earn a living, to feed their families, etc. 


    You’re guilty of the sin of doing nothing.

    Oh, the Premiers and the PM, the Chief Health Officers, the Health Ministers, and Chiefs of Police, are all more culpable in a sense, but then just below them are the media personalities who long ago prostituted whatever personal integrity they had for obscenely high salaries that they get paid for being nothing more than mindless and amoral mouthpieces for power hungry and avaricious politicians, who mostly only care about their constituents when there’s an election coming up. 

    The Judiciary and legal profession who have given us the proof that every ‘Lawyer Joke’ we’ve ever heard or told, about how totally lacking in morality that profession is, was absolutely right. 

    Then there are the ones most guilty of all; the average man in the street who has just shrugged his shoulders and said; “It’s not my problem.”

    What an obscenity these pillars of society are and their lackeys that sit and grovel in front of the Idiot Box, lapping up the propaganda that so faithfully follows the maxims of Josef Goebbels, about how repeating a lie often enough will lead to people believing it, or telling a lie big enough will have the same effect! What an obscenity that so many Australians are so willing to just go along with the destruction of what WAS once a great country to live in. 

    The ANZACS would be ashamed at what this nation has become.

    And what fools are we to have believed the lie that we lived in a Free Country, a Fair Country, a Lucky Country!

  5. A person who can do this to themselves will only be doing it for the reasons they scream out while they self-immolate. Are we going to see more of this? Is the government at fault? The people voted them in and complied with the rediculess measures , are we to blame also for letting this ridiculousness to happen.

  6. Never should anyone have been placed under this pressure, over a risk of survival of 99plus percent… would that be the same chance you have of surviving every darn day you get out of bed…?

  7. When you loose everything you loose it a unpredictable unit and this bullshit on msm doesn’t help mental health is no the new pandemic I feel for them and hope they can get help before they get this deep down the rabbit hole

  8. Who cares about mental health, business closures, homes and job losses and loss of individual freedoms and liberties and by in large freedoms lost for our children… long as 85 y/o Grandma is safe right? As long as the sheep feel safe right? It is all about saving lives and health right Comrade "Fwit" Dan?

  9. Ah yes… sourced from the Murdoc news interesting how they posted this article 13hrs ago on the Brisbane news but claim it happned at 8pm today in vic…someone didnt get the memo…woops

  10. Poor man 😞 this state is absolutely beyond stuffed.. this at the hands of a state government that couldn’t give two sh#ts about people’s distress over these mandates. This is the face of distress and desperation. Watch the mainstream media NOT report this. I will bet this will not appear anywhere on mainstream

  11. These bloody politicians should be the ones burning like this. they are responsible entirely.
    Its time to take a stand. We shouldn't take our lives, but decide what to do to those who put us through these mandates.

  12. I just know how the out-of-touch elites in the media will spin this to the normies. Truly I say fuck them! It's Dan Andrews, Scott Morrison, and the corporate press that are the true treasonous villains/scumbags/ pieces of shit in this story.

    How long do we put up with them?

  13. If, and that's a big if. If MSM cover this story, they will twist the truth to poor mental health or some other fake format. Lets see what they do with this, if they cover it at all.

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