Australian Manufacturing is Lowest in the Developed World

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Australia’s ability to manufacture goods is the lowest in the OECD. While people are calling for more government to find a solution, perhaps we should look at why manufacturers are fleeing our shores and what is disincentivising people from investing in Australian Manufacturing. Housing anyone?

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  1. But remember back in the 90's when we moved towards the model we now have. We didn't need manufacturing because we were going to be the smart country, doing all the value add and R&D, etc. None of that happened. If you were an Australian about to bring à new product to market you'd be crazy not to go overseas to get the R&D done and to produce it.

  2. The massacre of Aussie manufacturing started after the 1975 signing of the Lima declaration , prior to that we were doing very well. Where we find ourselves now is not through mismanagement but purely by design, they called it wealth sharing. Yeah, that's worked out well for us.

  3. It's not about making little bits and pieces, it is about high tech research and development. So many of these ideas go overseas then we have to buy it back at higher cost. We are becoming a country of latte makers and servants. We have some of the best scientists and researchers but even these end up having to go overseas. This is not a business issue this is a government issue. Our governments no matter what they say, still think they are riding on the sheep's back, instead of the Australian developed and designed electric car!

  4. We already have a minister for Australian Sovereign Capability. His name is Christian Porter. He took over from Karen Andrews – an actual engineer with actual engineering experience.

    THIS, people, is what your government thinks of manufacturing

  5. no one will ever set any form of manufacturing up over here after the government started a moratorium on rental and mortgages last year, if they can force you to provide free housing then what is stopping them from forcing you to manufacture stuff or to simply take away your factory/workshop after you complete it!

  6. I buy Australian chopped garlic for 5 bucks the chinese stuff is 2.50 roughly but the australian stuff looks like chopped garlic and tastes like it too, the cheap stuff doesnt taste like anything.

  7. When the price of a landed component Made In China and delivered via AliExpress is cheaper than sending a postcard to the next suburb in Australia, you don't have to be an economist to know there is a ' diseconomy of scale ' in play… some may say ' corruption '…or systematic ' fraud ' …irrespective of the motivation, the outcome is a monumental f*ck up.

  8. A lot of the problem is not federal or state governments, it's local governments and their permits. A few years ago it took me 18 months to build a shed on a farm and there was a mile long list of things that were prohibited from doing with said shed, including installing running water. A farm shed is generally full of all kinds of nasty chemicals, if you spill some on yourself the first thing you are going to want to do is wash it off. After an argument with them for about 6 months they finally agreed I could apply for an exemption to be able to install a freaking tap. Well I just waited till the inspector had fked off then did it anyway of course but the local government regulations are certainly killing innovation.

  9. Build the most overpowered electricity System using solar and wind and the cost of power will decrease to entice manufacturers to Australia. Job's, cheap power, so many benefits, vote greens.

  10. Thanks for this great video Florian, yes, this has been such an important issue for a long time. A family friend told me her story of coming to Australia in the 70s as an engineer in a power station manufacturer in I think NSW. She said, at the time, Australia had the cheapest power in the world. She was from a communist country, and hated it, she left early to travel and eventually came to Australia with good engineering experience. She saw more and more unionisation come in, at first people laughed at the Swiss or Swedish bolt prices, then Australia's were more expensive later after it was one worker per bolt machine, vs 1 person to 4 in Sweden.

    So, in her time there, Australia went from the cheapest power in the world, to most expensive in the 90s, they joked about her, called her Woggy girl etc, and didn't take her seriously until it was too late, and people retired, or left without addressing it.

    Was great to hear her story as it partly explained things