Australian Parliament : Labor & Liberal censor debate on the science of Hydroxychloroquine

In the Australian Federal Parliament, on the 27th August 2020, Mr Julian Hill of the Labor Party shut down on debate on the science of Hydroxychloroquine, including the results of a peer-reviewed study published in the European Journal of Internal Medicine with lead author Dr. Di Castelnuovo.

NB : The debates and the proceedings of the Australian Parliament are protected from “impeachment or questioning in any court of place out of Parliament” by virtue of section 9 of Bill of the Rights 1688 – and censorship of this You Tube video would be a breach of the Parliament Privileges Act 1987.

Written by Craig Kelly


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  1. Govts around the world are totally brainwashed to supporting the vaccines. Any other proven treatment protocols are shut down. It’s a total disgrace. Ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine as well as hydrogen peroxide 3% have all been deemed effective against this virus.

  2. Craig Kelly

    His farts smell old,
    But he has a heart of gold,
    He's just another politician,
    Who is on a mission,
    He says he loves the people,
    He fights to release the sheeple,
    He says he loves Australia,
    He has the paraphernalia,
    When tyranny strikes he will condemn,
    Not long till he is PM

  3. Thank you Craig for all you try to do in the house of snakes.
    It should be apparent to all, that most of these vipers don't have a coherent thought, let alone know how to read, especially something as vital as medical information.
    Everything to do with government and the judicial system is corrupted to a point way beyond treason.
    Liberal, labour, greens and nationals are all tarred with the same poisonous brush and do not deserve any consideration when it comes to voting day.
    They have all shafted the people of Australia and done so with malicious smiles on their faces as their knives went in our back.
    If anyone hasn't watched Craig Kelley , Pauline Hanson or Julian Hill as they address parliment on our behalf, then you have done yourself, our people and country a disservice.
    Binge watch them now and you will see the complete violation of our rights and freedoms laughed at, disregarded and then discarded by immoral bunch of lowlifes.
    We pay all their wages and they were supposed to serve, represent and champion our causes,
    yet the only ones that have done anything to help the Australian people are the independents, they deserve your vote, do not even consider the major parties because they think nothing of you.
    I am a grandmother who wants my grandchildren to have the same rights and freedoms as I did when I was a child, they deserve a better future then these traitorous mongrels want to herd them into.

  4. Mr. Kelly , Djokovic's unfair and illegal arrest from this tyrant Government will cause that you will have huge support from Aussie Slavic community on next election.

  5. One day the truth will come out. As the msm cannot censure anything against the parliament privelages act, then maybe we should vote more honest politicians into government

  6. I remember that "oh shit" moment I had when I was in university years ago. A lecture room full of 150 students and I was the only one to put my hand up and question the lecturers claims. Everyone else just accepted it as truth.

    We don't live in a world of science. Humans are terrible at science, most are irrational emotional creatures as has become very evident of late. The whole point of science is to question everything! When you no longer question, you're no longer a scientist.

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