Australian Police Have A Party While Beating People For Breaking Restrictions


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  1. Yea Victoria is bringing in hate speech type laws but more directed at stopping people having a go at politicians. I'm in WA (the best state) and it varies from state to state.
    They will probably pull the same shit if we have an outbreak though

  2. Watching Australia collapse into one of the most authoritarian nations in the western world has been amazing to behold. Always viewed them as being freedom loving. Then I remember that they started by taking the guns…

  3. All of this is justified to give the LGBTMMORPG community more recognition.

    It's not like they've received recognition in the media in the last few years or anything

  4. We all know that this is nothing more than control and has nothing to do with health security. Jesse Ventura and Alex Jones have been talking about this for years, and no one still believes even though all the evidence is before their eyes. The brainwashed sheep NWO is already here.

  5. Hypocrites.
    But it is worse than hypocrisy. They shouldn't be assaulting people for the 'crime' of living normal lives anyway. Where is Ned Kelly when the Aussies need him?

  6. Australia the start of A GREY STATE. Go watch the trailer for it, it was a warning. I'm not joking, nor do I actually want to believe this. I just go by the evidence I've seen, and its not good to say the least.

  7. and since they are beating people that might have covid, this… is a superspreader event. they sould be docked one year of pay… if they are going to follow their own rules sett… would be smart not sladding those images, so that people know who to not be in contact with…

  8. What a joke Australia and the West has become. No surprise moving more authoritarian when leftists run all of our institutions. They love to be ignorant of history.

  9. Funny my state completely ignored any attempt at enforcing a lock down. During the pandemic we were under stay at home orders for less than 12 hours. Florida is the last bastion of American freedom. Also we have the lowest infection rates. I've yet to meet anyone who had the virus here. Yet the liberal supremacists in the media who hate our great leader Ron DeSantis has fabricated lies. Typical propaganda. My town has 5k people and 10+ gun stores. Florida is sweet!