Australian recession warning

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Fears are that Australia will enter a recession.


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  1. Whether GDP growth is minus 0.1% or plus 0.1% doesn't really matter.
    Higher interest rates will smash the property market regardless. Rates will be higher for longer than most are expecting.
    Meanwhile our iron ore , gas , coal and agricultural industries will prevent a recession .

  2. The advice Heise gives from about 7.45 onwards is as good as you will ever hear. Raising rates is not a science, it is an attempt to influence a complex system with more variables than anyone can ever hope to understand. My read is that the increases to date are now starting to bite significantly. A very good lead indicator that 99% of people will never even know about, let alone study, are racehorse sales. Young racehorses are just about the ultimate discretionary purchase, and the annual series of auction sales are a real time reflection of what could be called conspicuous consumption. After years of barely believable growth , like the property market, the first sales for the year (the Magic Millions sale in early January), showed very little change on last year. But the second sale of the year, in Sydney from last Sunday to Tuesday, saw the first reversals in many years. The average and median sales price were both down 20%, and everybody in the industry grasped immediately that the bell has rung for the end of the cycle. Those sales were clear evidence that the rate increases have sunk in, and the RBA needs to be very careful now about going too far like it did in the late 1980s.

  3. were going back to 1% rates perhaps lower if the U.S markets tank dont expect petrol or diesel prices to be 2$ if this happens will look at 3-5$ a Litre thats if the Markets free Fall in the U.S and the fed comes to bail out the bad debtors and over leveraged.
    because you know its a free market 🤪

  4. I came to Oz recently and lived in a country near to Zimbabwe, saw the effect of nearly 900% inflation, when you went in to get a new car tyres and the quote was valid for 15 minutes. Let me start off and tell you, no you will not die, everybody around you will be as f67ked as you, when it goes down it goes down. No you do not need to prep for end of earth and arm yourself, no zombies will rise from graves. One very unique thing in Australia is elections every 3 years, this makes it far more difficult for the elites to embed stuff, hence why you are the lucky country. Just relax.

  5. The recession begun November last year , yes we are in a recession , next up comes a worldwide depression by design . The middle class is No more , Those earning less than 200k a year will find themselves living in poverty by 2026 .

  6. Its funny you use the 'forest management' strategy analogy here. As someone who has worked in land management amongst other things, it was clear that they (local and state gov) don't like the idea of back burning enough, due to the "safety" culture overload. During the last bushfires I saw a property owner who cleared brush from his property, who was fined, manage to save his house from burning down. In fact the fire omitted his house entirely. By propping up the dead companies and insane debt-laden housing market we're just delaying the inevitable recession bushfire.

  7. As someone who has had to trade through a major recession in the UK, that lasted nearly 8 years in the late eighties and early nineties, I can tell you that there is absolutely nothing good about a recession for either; the majority of the population or the economy. Anyone 'advising' you otherwise is talking out their arrse.

  8. Dont spend but spend enough to not let businesses go under but dont spend too much but spend just a bit so we dont have supply issues but don't spend as it makes inflation worse but spend so we have competition so they wont need to inflate prices to make up for recession but dont spend because we need to slow inflation but spend enough for people to have a home but dont spend because it ruins the environment but spend more on expensive renewables but dont spend on inflating energy company bills….. and on and on…

  9. Why would you worry about the recession in Australia? Your land is the size of Europe with only 25 million subjects. You are so rich in mineral resources, making unbelievable profit. Unless you don't see that profit and there is corruption…

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