Australian Riot Police Morale crumbling as People take Power in Melbourne

Melbourne leads the world in standing up to tyranny and police intimidation! The whole world is watching this! Freedom over fear!

Written by Aussie Cossack


  1. Other sectors should have done this but I'm incredibly pleased The Men have stood up. Die Manne. Without men protecting, there's no point in trying. It's our right to protect family, property, beliefs.. good on you men! Do Not Lessen Your Stance Until Andrews is Gone and His Cohorts Too!!

  2. Criminal Code Act 1995 -TORTURE-274.4 No defence of exceptional circumstances or superior orders
    It is NOT A DEFENCE in a proceeding for an offence under this Division that:
    (a) the conduct constituting the offence was done out of necessity arising from the existence of a state of war, a threat of war, internal political instability, a PUBLIC EMERGENCY or any other exceptional circumstance; or (b) in engaging in the conduct constituting the offence the accused acted under orders of a superior officer or public authority;

  3. Btw, I disagree the bully boys morale is low. They're prostitutes of state, point them in any direction with exemption from any blame and off they go. I have no time for any of them.

  4. If they are on the same page as the protesters and if their family members are also being messed with by this why don’t they take a stand? They could simply take their helmets off and stand in solidarity with the protesters. They don’t need to start storming their own police station for us to recognize courage.

  5. I can't even upload a video from todays protest as YouTube is censoring and deleting it! "Your content was removed due to a violation of our Community Guidelines"

  6. The men and women in Melbourne that protested at the cfmeu, i hope some of you read this one day. You have given me hope, I wish i had a platform to show my thanks and gratitude to you all for standing up for your selves and maybe without even knowing it, all of us Australians too.
    I dont think many understand how big this is. I believe the government has sold us out to line their pockets, they were rolling this mandate out one industry after another till no one was left to oppose it. You standing up have shown that you are not going to take it, that not all Aussies push overs. I thank you
    Victorians have run the ball up, AGAIN!!!
    Eureka stockade 1854Workers Rebellion 2021
    When so many others of this country couldnt or wouldnt, you all did. You have my love, respect and support and i hope the rest of the country wake up and support you all too.