Australian Senator Alex Antic

The more we support the people that stand up, more people WILL stand up

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  1. Working class idiot.gees I'd love to go to Byron Bay and live the dream unfortunately I've worked all my life like a slave trying to save up something for my self that's all lost now. because of the mandates so I'm living day to day on what I can get. I had a Vegemite samdwich for dinner last night thanks albo and the liberals for 2 years of hell thanks…

  2. Nice ! He still part of a criminal pedofile elite party ! He sounds great now ! His party are criminals who abuse children and worship Satinic agenda ! Wake the F up fools. Labour Liberal the wings of the same bird 🦅 of tyranny against humanity ✝️🇦🇺💉💉💉💉💉⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️

  3. We seem to being told that scomo has sold us out I’ve been told the WHO will be in charge of pandemic and alike after the 18 august so we will have them telling us what to re mandates jabs masks how come

  4. Pray that people will vote for them first, no longer we need to be fed the lies from Labor
    Libs who tell us fibs. Now Graham has brought this to your attention it is your job to pass the message on for change. Prison camps, lock downs Vaccines and they are making more poison vaccines , your mask will not save you. Election vote for someone who cares about the people.

  5. This guy comes from out of nowhere, speaking on DarkHorse Podcast and Sky News, is saying what is popular with people like us for a reason. But let's face it, this isn't a US election, where the leader calls the shots. He's on the team that burnt us all. Too little, too late, wrong team. Pauline Hanson has been as straight as an arrow since day one. I for one, plan to return that loyalty.

  6. Hey dear people I have stupid freinds n family that are going to votefor the top 3 party's.. please is there a list of independent parties n the main one I can send them a link to look at carnt believe how stupid they are

  7. The knock on effect. It takes one good person to help the other good people find their voice. And Australia is full of good people. This is our country and the people decide what we want it to become, not dictated to.

  8. He's right it should never have happened here. Some things we are just better off not exploring first hand but taking others word for it – socialist systems do not work.

  9. "Election Day"

    Maximum big surprise

    You know something new

    I pull my shirt off and pray
    We're sacred and bound to suffer this heatwave
    Pull my shirt off and pray
    We're coming up on re-election day

    Re-election day

    – Arcadia

  10. ______________________________________________________________________________________________\\

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    This bloke, Alex Antic, is a true leader. This is what's missing in government EVERYWHERE!

  11. Check out 'Real Not Rare' for the reality of what these jabs have done to people. Many many lives ruined, many many people suffering badly. It's heartbreaking and enraging!

  12. Australian is getting hammered by chemtrails from our military, I’m counting 6-7 a day in the Illawarra, they are spraying us like bugs with toxic heavy metals every day, look up an keep an eye on the sky instead looking at your phone all day

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