Australian Sentiment Is On The Move

Professor Gigi Foster postulates on the segmentation of Australian political sentiment, as well as the dynamics as those segments shift.

She believes that the shift will be mostly one way – away from the fear mongering and toward skepticism of Government and a re-embrace of love, diversity and most of all…reason.

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  1. If the average person still thinks that we haven’t been lied to about almost everything from education, history, and our honest politicians. Then there really is no need for a debate. It is so so much in our face.

  2. Absolutely, we need to wear down those treacherous Police so their PTSD is at least worse than that they caused the public, right to the point of suicide for the greatest number. I am suffering from it badly, on top of having my business destroyed by government, and are now unemployed. My physical health is terrible, prior to their abuse I was an extremely fit man practising martial arts five time a week. I have since relapsed in a central nervous system disease I have, due to stress and depression. They have killed me to save a couple of ninety year olds. Their gaslighting has driven me to the point of madness. I won't be the same for some time I believe. Keep fighting the good fight, some of us have nothing else to do. We aren't all happy because we can work from home again and go on holiday. My life is mundane and empty, and filled with rage that is only always just below the surface.

  3. "Fanatically mad politician" PEFECTLY describes Hazzard's presser today where he claimed the unvaccinated were a threat to the health workers – who are vaccinated, and BTW the virus is being spread by the VACCINATED too. We are NOT that STUPID to buy all the absolute BULLSHIT anymore! Oh and these jabs that you've had 2 of and that aren't working, you want everyone to line up for 3 and maybe 4 or 5 – yeah 'Let's go Hazzard'

  4. Always remember and think, yes there are a good 45% are willing to speak out, 45% are not saying a word about what they think, 10% are willing to say they can't live without the government control.
    This is soooo simple.
    Where ever you stand within this simple equation you are doing what you believe. And I understand that your a good person.

  5. I'm seeing a huge shift against lockdowns and more calling for calm over omicron. They know the media is bull crapping about the fear of omicron. A guy on nine news even said the whole idea of testing and isolating has to basically change cause it could shutdown the economy especially if huge amounts of truck drivers have to isolate.
    I just hope buisnesses realise vaccine mandates are basically against science, the NSW health minister said everyone will get omicron.
    The fully vaxxed here in Newcastle NSW started the whole outbreak at fully vaxxed nightclubs and venues, before the unvaccinated were set free.
    6000 cases a day and rising, I gaurenttee 99% are VACCINATED otherwise they would have used it to bash unvaccinated. 95% of nsw is fully vaxxed anyway.
    The vaxxed are now super spreaders, they are admitting that now, with the whole masks thing, stop vaxxed spreading it, this should hopefully stop vax mandates by the likes of coles and the other big retailers who are gonna let go of workers soon for no reason now cause vaxxed are super spreaders.

  6. I wonder also, whether a lot of people who have gone along with all the restrictions and jabs etc., have also got a clock running inside and are getting to the point of saying, you know what, they have been telling us to do this and do that and scaring everyone rigid for two years; enough is enough. My reading is that this is happening and the more pressure the authorities apply, the less support they are going to get. This is getting interesting.

  7. In the years to come, analysts will look back over the data and come to the inescapable conclusion that this was a hysterical pandemic of hypochondria. This will not be remembered as one of humanity's finer moments, but rather quite possibly its single most significant collective act of cowardice and stupidity to date.

    At which time they'll all be saying they were resistance all along.

  8. @1:00 "… because they see other people saying that it's… you know, not maybe such a good idea…" The reason the majority are still blinded n SOOOO slow to SEE is because the msm are gagging reality, still. We are railing against the wrong "governing bodies" atm . Prioritise the lying media FIRST!

  9. Yes shes right
    People like Brad Hazzard are quite easily seen to have a deep discriminatory ideology
    And whether it is due to a pandemic or not any discrimination from a person who holds such a high social responsibilty
    Should be removed from their position

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