Australian TOTALITARIAN Tourism Commercial – 14 Reasons to Visit!

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Australian totalitarian tourism board – 14 reasons to visit! You’ll love what’s changed about Australia since it was a free country!

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  1. ahh Australia, big feels for you, shame that here in New Zealand we are right up there with you, with a police state and a totalitarian government that has openly declared medical apartheid against its people, and rushes through new laws like brushing their teeth in the morning. Thanks JP for the laughs, we are laughing through the tears of what our countries once were.

  2. So heartwarming thar all of my favorite public personas dont fall for this ridiculous nonsence that is masked as "pandemic", it strenghtens my will to stand my ground, and reasures me that im on the right side.

    Sad that media is using same propaganda all over the world and it baffles me how some people can't see that and still blindly believe in everything.

    But we are taking back our power and slowly but surely are finaly realizing that we are the ones that keep our country going not the goverment. Protesters are potrayed like criminals which is ironic and sad, they are fighting for their countries, while the leaders are destroying it for what i can only assume is money.

    In Croatia( where im from) Its like monkeys run the country and we all just sit and listen to all apsurd shit thats going on. its time to put some well educated, smart, capable people that care for their country on the top and we have the power to do that!!! This restrictions were only cherry on the top and we are finnaly standing our ground against our goverment!!!!

    Fellow protesters its time to show them that they are working for US!!! not the other way around!!!!!!!


  3. I dedicated 15 years of my life to gaining Australian residency I am so glad I failed . Australia was my dream now it's Australian's nightmare . Stay strong brother's and sisters 🇬🇧🇦🇺

  4. Just to clarify, we are still allowed to go to the supermarket and the bottle shop for "essential items". But retail is forbidden. Just worth pointing out the obvious nonsensical rules we "live" under. The Victorian Premier is now calling non vaccinated people as extremists and dismissing them as voters to be completely disregarded.

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